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Do-able actions in this brave new age.

From last year:

A new season of black activism on campuses all over America began in November of this year. Much of the uproar is in response to events which are trivial or outright hoaxes. I've been a critic of racial agitation in academia since 1987. So here are my initial posts on a few of the skirmishes that make up what I call Hoaxapalooza:

Did Yale Really Capitulate?
Yale University's announcement of a $50 million diversity initiative was followed by 10 days of leftist hysteria. Why?

Phillip A. Glotzbach and the Skidmore Folly
Philip A. Glotzbach, president of Skidmore College, actually encouraged students to walk out of classes in support of a cause they basically knew nothing about.

Day of Reclamation v. Brown University
Sometimes the entertainment is intended to distract you from asking an important question.

Remarks for Those Women at Smith College Who Are Not Reveling in Flagrant Insanity
Before you go off on some crazy protest, get some facts.

Hoax and Hysteria at Harvard Law School
The recent racial events at Harvard Law School follow a familiar script.

The Dartmouth Outrage: Psychological Warfare in Hanover
Administration punches down on white students.

White Students at the University of Missouri: What you need to know, what you might do
White student activism has become a necessity.

Here are some related posts:

$700 NFL Virtual Reality Diversity Goggles
The NFL is using Virtual Reality Goggles to teach lessons about Diversity.

Rumble on the Right -- a Few Links
Some of the posts following the Breitbart.com Alt-Right article.

Tay Got Fashy
Musings on the subject of Artificial Intelligence prompted by the short activation span of an entity known as Tay.

The Dissident Right and the Trump Campaign
A meditation on the proper Dissident Right attitude toward the Trump Campaign and a critique of a post that gets this seriously wrong.

Checking Privilege at Southern Oregon University
A meditation on 'privilege' plus a few punchy counter-propaganda fliers.

Social Justice For White People
Students taking ELC 381 at UNC-G should spend a bit of time thinking about what 'social justice' means from a white perspective.

Diversity Study Exercise
I invite you to deconstruct the University of Michigan's Case For Diversity and compare your notes with mine.

Remote Post on 'Royall Asses' Thread Concerning Harvard Law School
Comment on comment on ad-hoc blog called 'Royall Asses'

For background, I suggest Virtual Racism at the University of Michigan in the Winter of 1987, Kerri Dunn: Pale Criminal and Deja UVA: Racist Incidents at the University of Virginia. If you are contemplating some kind of activist response to the current craziness, I recommend A White College Student's Guide to Political Activism and Keyboard Warriors and Magicians.

The Web is buzzing with commentary on protests, demands, press conferences, demonstrations and crimes. I don't think anyone could produce a comprehensive index at this point. But here are a few excellent links:

Virginia Dare focuses mostly on immigration-related issues, though it includes occasional commentary on academia.

American Renaissance is a news-oriented site. Many of the remarks in the comment sections are overly negative, but I typically learn about recent hoaxes from this site.

Today, Feb 5, American Renaissance published an essay by Jared Taylor, Yale Capitulates. He gives a lot of detail on all the hysteria there.

Takimag.com is sort of a cosmopolitan reactionary libertarian site, founded by Taki Theodoracopulos. It touches on hoaxes, academia, etc., from a rather unique perspective.

Campus Reform. This blog covers all kinds of episodes and events on campuses all across America. Highly recommended!

I have a Contact Information page if you want to get in touch with me.

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Notes on Trump
A few thoughts stimulated by the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Mandatory Pre-school Diversity Exposure?
The tabloid click-bait headline just might be true.

More Baloney From Leonard Pitts Jr.
Leftist whack-job Pitts concludes, from the commentary of Right-wing whack-job Alex Jones, that 'anti-government resistance is now the beating heart of the GOP'.

Black Riot Endgame
A conspiracy theorist offers a few feverish thoughts about the havoc in Baltimore.

White Millennial
Newspapers never consider the possibility that some public policies might be offensive to white people. Why is that?

From Knoxville to North Charleston With Leonard Pitts, Jr.
I compare the commentary by Leonard Pitts, Jr. concerning the killing of Walter Scott with his commentary on the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville.

Brainy Girls and Equity
Academic feminists have been churning out phony studies about 'pay equity' for decades. A female reporter for the Detroit Free Press still believes these reports are news.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pay Equity?
Most complaints about 'pay equity' or 'income inequality' rest on a simplistic fallacy, which I deftly deconstruct with a bit of computer code.

Remarks for the Baristas of Starbucks
I'm taking up your offer to discuss race politely and intelligently, even with people who know nothing about my perspectives.

Selma to Ferguson
Equality is a pretense that grows more expensive every year.

Ark of Intelligence: The One Hundred Year Idea
Visionary reflections on possibilities for White Survival and governance. (Originally written in 2008.)

Boasian Headroom and the Achievement Gap
Yet another take on the nature/nurture thing.

Secret Knowledge Club
A few thoughts on the fine art of following the news, possibly in search of Secret Knowledge.

Diversidrivel Eruptus!
If American black people want to feel personally responsible for every crime committed any black American against any other person, then I'm cool with having the same standard applied to American white people. Otherwise...

From Confirmation Bias to Narrative Collapse
A short polemic about confirmation bias, narrative collapse, misinformation, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Dolls In Science
Thoughts about human nature, gender differences, women in science and, of course, dolls.

Leonard Pitts Jr. Ferguson Hurtlocker
Analysis of comments made by Leonard Pitts Jr. concerning the Ferguson race riots.

Basic Political Taxonomy
A list of different definitions for 'conservative', 'liberal', 'progressive', and 'radical'.


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"m3peeps.org" was intended as a cute way of saying "Third Millennium Peoples' Organization." Its original purpose was to contain one major essay: Manifesto for the Peoples of the Third Millennium , which describes an approach to long term social change that is deliberately slow, uncertain and, in some ways, conservative. Rather than concentrating on how to fool people or how to seize power, it emphasized developing the intelligence of the people doing the changing. It favors starting slowly and growing, rather than concocting ideologies which demand that everything be changed all at once.

After a while I used this site to post my comments on current issues such as affirmative action, "diversity," and racial politics in America. This current "Hoaxapalooza" phase is a shift in emphasis is due to the recent upsurge in racial activism in academia.


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