December 28, 2005

In a recent blog entry on, John Brimelow laments the cesasion of the Norwegian Fjordman blog. Brimelow's key point is this:

For a cause to succed, a professional core cadre is essential. "Professional" means "paid" - at least enough to eat.
He is absolutely right! I also find it refreshing to see people who are generally on my side on the big issue of immigration use the word "cadre."

While speculating about the reasons for the closing of the Fjordman blog, Brimelow makes another key point:

Propaganda requires repetition. There is not the same thrill stating the same facts and developing the same arguments for the twentieth time as the first. Yet it has to be done, if policy is to be influenced. One gets the impression that having established his case, Fjordman was getting bored.
Again, very true. I believe that is an issue that can best be addressed by small-time bloggers such as myself. Consider this blog entry. To a fair extent, I'm just repeating the key points that Brimelow made. Why do I bother? BECAUSE THOSE POINTS NEED TO BE REPEATED!

Of course, in repeating things, I add a few thoughts of my own. "Propaganda requires repetition" -- Brimelow. "Small time bloggers can do that sort of thing" -- Me. The amazing thing about the web that it allows linking as well as repetition. So the modest number of people who read my blog postings also have an easy way of getting to major sites like and American Renaissance. I don't know for sure, but I like to think that a few people have become regular readers or posters on sites like that after having found them through my blog.

I thought of the word "blogaganda" to describe this process of repitition, commentary and linking. Turns out it's already been used. I'll use it anyway. Like the word "propaganda," usually taken to mean disinformation intended to shape public opinion, the word "blogaganda" can also have a positive meaning of attempting to get the word out and get people interested and involved. The truth is on our side. We just need to keep saying it over and over. We need to get over our hangups about redundancy! We need to stop being shy about repeating ourselves!

This "blogaganda" work is only one of many things people can do to help popularize vital ideas and information. There are many ways of contributing to the general cause. People have to make their own decisions according to their interests, talents, resources, available time, etc., etc. But if four or five dozen more people started blogagandizing like I do, I believe that would be a positive development.

This is information warfare at its best. Blogs away!

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