Denise D. Denton and Sarah Goddard Power
June 29, 2006

On Monday I read about the death by suicide of Denise D. Denton, Chancellor of the University of California at Santa Cruz, in a posting on (Suicide of a Chancellor, June 26, 2006).

I attempted to post the following observation:

Sarah Goddard Power, a Regent of the University of Michigan, committed suicide on March 24, 1987 by jumping from the eighth floor of the Burton Memorial Tower on the U of M campus. Like Denise Denton, Power had been surrounded by radical "activists" pressing their demands on her a few days earlier. Power had also been suffering from depression.
For some reason, editorial or quite possibly technical, the remark did not get posted. In any case, the similarity is worth noting, even though it might ultimately be of no genuine significance.

For an account of the political situation in the final week of the life of Sarah Power, see my article: Virtual Racism at the University of Michigan in the Winter of 1987.

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