End of N + 1, Etc.
May 26, 2006

Avid followers of my web log (yes, both of you!) have probably noticed a lack of activity here. Well, I've been attending to other projects lately. That is a Good Thing. I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts with the world. I've learned about myself. I've learned something about the craft of writing. Not that I'm particularly good at it, but I want to put down a few ideas here for other amatures, wannabees, etc. My prime little bit of advice is: If you've been operating according to the same slogan for a long time and your writing hasn't changed much, find a different slogan.

When I started to get semi-serious about "writing" about fifteen years ago, I adhered to the slogan "write every day." I guess it was a phase I had to go through, but I mainly ended up with piles of boring drivel. At some point I decided to operate under the slogan, "Write when you have something to write about." The output of that phase is generally much more readable (to me, anyway) than my earlier stuff. I might even polish up a few items and post them some day.

My web log slogan would be something like, "Frequently engage in focused writing with the idea of getting something published." OK, I mean "published" in the weak sense of publishing it myself on my web site, but it still made a big difference. I'm allowing myself to ramble here, but I think most of my blog entries are reasonably well-focused. Since I often have difficulty focussing on the task in front of me, this whole blog project has been Good For Me.

Well, I've found other issues to take up my time, and this shift of attention is also Good For Me. So I've still got my blog and I might post on it from time to time, but not on any regular basis.

Finally, in 2005 I came up with the idea of calling my blog "the N+1 web log." I recently found out that someone else started using "N+1" in 2004. (See n+1 magazine table of contents. Or this n+1 article on dating.) So I will soon purge most references to "N+1" from my blog entries. In the unlikely event that you are reading this before I do the purges, you will see some kind of "N+1" link following the text of this entry. Fear not -- it is put there by an automated process and will be changed when all other blog entries are changed.

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