Frank Wu's Racial Fantasy
April 12, 2006

For the heavy diversity mongers at our universities, "affirmative action" is not a collection of reasonable measures taken to improve opportunities available to members of racial minorities in the United States of America. It is, instead, a comprehensive tool for the radical transformation of society. That fact was, once again, made plain to me this morning as I listened to The Fourth Annual Nancy Cantor Distinguished Lectureship on Intellectual Diversity, delivered by Frank Wu, Dean of the Wayne State University Law School.

The fantastic character of Wu's thinking was illustrated by his long description of a common sort of incident. You're walking late at night in a strange part of town. You become aware that a person is walking behind you and is getting closer to you. You glance behind you and see that it is young, black male. So you quicken your pace or cross the street or whatever.

A few points here. If you are walking late at night, it is always important to be aware of other humans in the area, especially if they seem to be making an effort to get closer to you. Period. Women are generally more sensitive to this issue than men, and rightly so. I'm a fast walker. I avoid "closing in on" isolated women, sometimes by nonchalantly changing direction. This is simply a matter of being sensitive to other people's concerns.

For Frank Wu, if you are being converged on and you quicken your pace, you are excluding the converging black person from some kind of "social contract." Actually, not at all. You are hoping that the person you don't know will adhere to a sort of "contract" that allows isolated individuals to maintain some distance without offense being taken. (Wu made the utterly assinine remark that a black person in such an encounter would not know why the other person quickened pace or crossed the street. Not true. The black person might or might not take offence, but he will never be mystified.)

In contrast to the large amount of time spent on the "late at night" situation and on the subject of a few young white boys striking "Karate" poses when encountering an Asian person, Wu was somewhat terse when describing some of the social transformations he had in mind. He said something about changing people's preferences (in residential housing, etc.) "on a large scale." What exactly did he mean? How does he plan on accomplishing that? According to my notes and my recollection, he gave no details at all. I guess once we all accept Wu's "paradigm" of massive social change, the details of mass brainwashing will just fall into place.

Wu ended with talk of a "profound transformation," something that has never been achieved. We will become a society with "no single identifiable racial majority." I believe Wu said this would happen peacefully. Wu is wrong. It will either be the result of mass violence, or it will not happen at all. We white people still have the physical potential to prevent our dispossesion. Whether we have the intelligence to employ that potential and peacefully secure our future on this continent is an open question.


I think I have found an interesting parallel. George W. Bush wants to turn Iraq into something like the U.S.A., in the name of "democracy." In the name of "diverse democracy," Frank Wu and his ilk just might turn the U.S.A. into somethink like Iraq, with all of its violently clashing factions and ethnicities.

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I discussed some of Wu's other points in an earlier blog entry: Frank Wu, Dean of Wayne State University Law School and Crypto-Proportionalist.

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