The 'Jena Six': Links and Comments
October 12, 2007

Like many other bloggers, I'm watching the whole "Jena Six" drama continue to unfold. It is amazing that certain "activists" and commentators have decided to make heroes out of a bunch of thugs who ganged up on a lone white guy. Here is a description of the attack from Jared Taylor's American Renaissance article The ‘Jena 6’ Fraud -- ‘Civil rights’ for the 21st century.

The crucial event took place back at the high school on December 4, 2006—long after the nooses went up. A black football star named Mychal Bell walked up to a white student named Justin Barker and punched him to the ground from behind. Some eight to ten boys—all black—then started kicking him. Witness statements taken later used phrases like “stomped him badly,” “stepped on his face,” “knocked out cold on the ground,” and “slammed his head on the concrete beam.” According to court documents, Mr. Barker was probably unconscious before he hit the ground, where his attackers stomped his “lifeless” body. The Jena Times calls it “one of the most violent attacks in Jena High School’s history.”

When Assistant Principal Gawan Burgess got to the scene, he thought the boy was dead. He was bleeding from ears and nose and showed no sign of life. An ambulance took Mr. Barker to the hospital, where he was in the emergency room for about 2-1/2 hours and ran up a bill of $5,467. A brain scan showed no anomalies, and he was released.

This case needs to be watched. It is not the only recent instance of organized attempts to lessen the punishment of black people guilty of gang attacks on white people. For example, see Non-Bias Attack for an account of "30 black teens" attacking six fifteen-year-old white school girls. Five of the attackers were put on probation "conditional on them attending diversity class." (See Moms’ Mercy Letter.)

Read Long Beach Teens Face Hate Crime Charges for an account of a mob attack on three young white women. The attackers were given relatively mild sentences (4 Teens Get Probation, House Arrest In Long Beach Attack), even though the victims had "asked the judge 'to give the harshest punishment possible' to nine minors convicted last week for the Halloween attack" (Victims Speak In Long Beach Hate-Crime Case).

There is much that could be said at this point. I will make a few limited points: First, you know that old leftist chant, "No Justice, No Peace?" Well, if black people are committing acts of serious violence against white people, but are given light sentences because they are black, then that isn't justice. It isn't "peace," either, if "peace" requires that we suffer violence without complaint. The lefties are right on this point.

It is amazing that "civil rights activists" are making such a big thing about the "Jena Six." If you need "victims of injustice" to further some political goal, then you need peeps whose claim to fame is something other than the fact that at least six of them attacked a lone individual and continued kicking that individual even after he was down and unconscious. Was Rosa Parks a thug? Of course not.

It says in the Good Book, "Be slow to take offense," and I try to follow that advise. But sometimes we can be too slow. Let's not kid ourselves. The "Jena Six" are being turned into heroes or "victims of injustice" or whatever because their victims were white. And we need to be angered and offended for that reason.

Fortunately, this is an ideal issue to fight back on. The civil rights "leaders" of today have gotten slow and dim-witted over the years. Their "victories" have all been too easy, they have no good associates to argue with. So we can make progress at their expense. The more they publicize "the Jena Six," the more we publicize "the Jena Six." The more they chant, "No Justice, No Peace," the more we chant, "No Justice, No Peace." Whenever they try to use "The Jena Six" to bolster their weak arguments, we will use "The Jena Six" to call attention to serious issues that have been neglected for far too long.


A few practical suggestions. First, monitor local newspapers. If you find an article mentioning "the Jena Six" that trivializes their crimes or that contains any glaring distortions of the truth, write a letter to the editor.

Second, if you participate in any blogs, message boards et cetera and you find a reasonable opportunity to link to Mr. Taylor's article, then do so. Try copying and pasting the following:

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I'm using the rest of this page as a handy place to keep track of various links. We'll start with:

No justice in 'black justice' September 22, 2007 BY LEONARD PITTS JR. KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS

There is in interesting contrast between Mr. Pitts' comments on the perpetrators of violence in Jena and his comments on the victims of violence in Knoxville. See his June 3, 2007 article, The loonies of Knoxville where he writes: "But with that obligation fulfilled, let me add that I am likewise unkindly disposed toward the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand." I believe Pitts' stand on Jena is "obscene and ludicrous." We learn a bit about one of the individuals Pitts offers as an example of persecuted innocence here:

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Marcus Dixon


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Testimony of J. Richard Cohen, President, Southern Poverty Law Center, Before the Committee on the Judiciary U.S. House of Representatives October 16, 2007

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