John Bolton and the 'Dual Loyalty Canard'
December 27, 2005

I drove a friend of mine to a medical appointment at a local hospital this morning. While sitting around in the waiting area, I picked up a copy of the Detroit Jewish News. I used to read it "religiously," so to speak, back in the '80s. It was educational and some of the columns by Rabbis were even inspirational.

As I was leafing through the copy I'd picked up (which had on the cover a hillarious caricature of a group of male Orthodox Rabbis arguing against a lone female would-be Reform Rabbi), I noticed an ad for a bennefit dinner for the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). The keynote speaker was to be John Bolton, the U.S.A.'s "interim" Ambassador to the United Nations.

The ad mentioned that Bolton had recieved a "Defender of Israel" award. So, I wonder, whose interests does he really represent at the UN? How do we know when he is serving the United States of America and when he is "defending Israel" (on our American dime, presumably).

Now, I believe that some substantial percentage of American Jews, whether liberal, conservative or whatever, really are loyal Americans. But suggestions that the first loyalty of another substantial percentage of American Jews is to Israel are often countered with "dual loyalty canard" accusations.

My opinion: in the case of John Bolton, "dual loyalty" might be a euphemism, but it is not a canard.

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