Outline for the Future
January 22, 2007

The Situation

Democracy is failing.

Here is another parallel between the administration of the University of Michigan and the George Bush administration. Both were "defeated" in the November elections. Bush by the election of a Democrat dominated Congress; U of M by the passage of Proposition 2, which forbids the university from using race or gender as admissions criteria. Both administrations are now determined to pursue their own agendas contrary to the wishes of the voters. Bush by increasing the American presence in Iraq and U of M by numerous acts of petty defiance, the latest of which is their sponsoring a march on MLK day with the theme "Undo Proposition 2."

This essay, however, is not about any need to strengthen democracy. Instead, I argue that we need to abolish it.

Mass democracy in the U.S.A., as it is practiced, does not give a whole heck of a lot of power to the people. Rather, it puts huge amounts of power into the hands of those in positions to manipulate public opinion. And on those unfortunately rare occasions where sufficient numbers of citizens see through the baloney, the power structure still does what it can to get its own way. (I see the neo-cons and the multi-culturalists as two different factions of the same power structure.)

The Federal Government is way too big

It's like a giant plum. If you can seriously organize enough people and resources, you can reap huge rewards in any area of public policy, foreign or domestic. Even swarms of nerds at their keyboards cannot effectively address these lootings on a case by case basis. The plum is there. It will be raided and exploited.

The White Race is under attack

If you just go to a few public events or participate in a few diversity sessions, you (if you are white) might feel annoyed, but you won't see the overall pattern. I know, it sounds really paranoid to say, "The White Race is under attack," but if you spend some serious time studying racial politics, media habits, "diversity" in public education, etc., the conclusion is hard to avoid. Spend some time following web sites like American Renaissance or VDare.com.

We could be on the brink of a major global war.

You could read Antiwar.com or you could watch Fox News every day and draw the same conclusion. The war does not need to happen and nothing good will come of it, yet those who desire such a thing will probably get their way.

The Ideal

The ideal is fairly simple to state: A United States of America whose Federal Government is no larger than a tenth of its current size. A U.S.A. that can defend itself, if necessary, but which does not foment or engage in wars abroad. A general atmosphere of freedom. Since the coercive powers of the state are the primary instrument in this "attack on the white race" I mentioned, there would be absolutely no Federal involvement in education or social science research. In most states of the U.S.A., these things would be entirely private. I can't think of any reasonable racial laws that should be applied at the Federal level, but, in any case, there would be no Federal laws concerning housing or employment. These decisions would be made at the state levels, or by individuals.

The Cultural Institution

The institution that would secure something like the above would be an altruistically oriented White ruling class. This would be drawn from what we might loosely call "the top quartile" of the White population. Rich people would be excluded from the ruling class. Business people are focused on making money, not on understanding how to justly balance the interests of myriad sectors and classes of the nation. The ruling class would be open to White people who want to become part of it, but most members would be brought up in it. Their friends, classmates, girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses would almost always also be part of it. The ruling class would be large, involving up to ten million people here in the U.S.A. The education of ruling class children would be intense. Most RC high school graduates would know vastly more history than today's typical graduate history major.

The key lesson would be this: Governments are necessary, but they must themselves be "governed" by a culture -- a deep, abiding culture -- that understands how to keep them limited. Continuing this culture of limitation would be the primary task of the ruling class.

A properly developed ruling class would never even think about such absurdities as the "No Child Left Behind" act or America's war in Iraq or in the weird multicultural brainwashing that goes on now in our universities. Or agricultural subsidies or free trade with China. Or slavish devotion to the state of Israel. The list is almost endless.

Why all white? Because non-whites tend to participate in government in the service of ethnocentric interests. Just like business people tend participate in government in the service of their business interests. Look around you -- educated, well-adjusted contemporary American White people are the least ethnocentric people in all of history. We are the one group that has a fair chance of actually looking out for the general welfare. (I know this point is highly arguable, but I put the word "outline" in the title of this essay for a reason! ;) )

Of course, I am not thinking entirely of the "general welfare" here. We can keep what are now our own lands and countries only if we first admit to ourselves and then proclaim to the world that we have legitimate interests as white people and that we will act politically and even fight, if necessary, to secure those interests. American Indians lacked a racial "Red consciousness" and they ended up losing a continent. White people are under no moral obligation to make the same mistake.

As it says in the American Declaration of Independence, governments derive "their just powers from the consent of the governed." "Consent" is not the same as "participation." If something like what I describe could not gain the "consent of the governed" in some broad sense, then it won't happen, period. As our present situation continues to deteriorate, the broad masses just might begin to see some virtue in being governed by a properly educated, overtly governing segment of the population, rather than the weird, power-tripping covert elite that is now in charge. Our current pretend-democracy is rapidly morphing into a police state. How much do people really value a "right to vote" when they don't have time to think about anything? I'm sort of saying to Mr. or Ms. Average Citizen, look, I really do want you to be free, safe, adequately nourished and, if you can manage it, prosperous. But I don't want to waste my time brainwashing you or listening to your stupid arguments. I want to spend my free time arguing with serious people who have taken the time to really study things and really think about things, i.e., with fellow members of this new ruling class.

The Path

It might take fifty to a hundred years to achieve something like what I describe, if it is at all achievable. The beginning is for people who find these ideas attractive to form study groups, intentional communities, maybe a few secret societies, etc., for the purposes of self-education, discussion and research. Also survival and self-defense in the event of a general breakdown of civil society. And of course the education of children.

These groups must forever strive to avoid cultism and "ideology." They must be pleasant, worthwhile activities even if American society just keeps on ticking more or less like it's ticking now. Life is who you hang out with. Intelligent cooperation among the members of small groups can lead to huge rewards. The near-term rewards associated with participating in this movement are what will allow it to grow.

Final Thoughts

One reason this is just an outline is that, these days, I just don't find much reward in writing political essays. Song writing is a lot more fun. I get a lot more feedback from it, it leads to real-world social opportunities, it is a better outlet for creativity and self-expression, and, last but not least, I might even make some money from it.

Now, if the main ideas here just don't click with you, fine, you can say, "Shucks, I just wasted five minutes reading a stupid essay." Or you could blog against these ideas -- I would appreciate the publicity! Hell, I might even learn something from your objections! If you like these ideas, then, of course, I am not presenting them as a fully consistent, fully developed program for the future. You need to help with the development. That's part of the fun. So don't expect me to write huge elaborations or defenses of these ideas. Meet me at a bar, ask me over for dinner. Whatever. It's got to be fun for me, too.

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