Tim Wise and Satan and Purses Against the Empire
February 18, 2006

"Satan" makes his first appearance in the Bible in the book of Job. There was an assembly (in heaven, presumably) of the "sons of God," which was also attended by Satan, which, in Hebrew, means "the adversary." Satan challenged God to afflict the prosperous Job and see if Job would remain "a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil." (Revised Standard Version, Thomas Nelson & Sons.) Modern Christians tend to equate "Satan" with "Lucifer" (Book of Isaiah) and "the serpent" from the Book of Genesis. I'm not sure. I'll just leave it at that -- I'm not competent to engage in a learned argument on this topic. But any references in the following to "Satan" are to the Satan of the Book of Job, Satan the obnoxious adversary, but not necessarily the great prince of evil that we find in John Milton's Paradise Lost.

I say this with some genuine respect: One of the major Satans we white people face in this age is a guy named Tim Wise. Two thousand years from now, after the struggles of today become history and after tomorrow's history is transformed into myth, he will probably be called The Troll. It is painful for me to elevate a racial and political enemy to such an exalted status, but I really do think Tim will have earned his place on the bad side of our pantheon.

Back in April I wrote Deconstructing Tim the Wise Guy where I discuss Tim's concept of "white privilege." I am moved to write about him again because of his commentary on an incident that was reported on January 6, 2006, by Jim Douglas of TV station WFAA. (Civil War Erupts Over Confederate Handbags.) Two Texas high school girls had received, as Christmas presents, purses with "Confederate Flag" type decorations. They took them to school. In order to avoid having the purses seized by the principal, who regarded the images on them as racist, the girls left school for the day. On February 3, Tim posted an analysis of that act of resistance to the tyranny of the status quo in an article, Racism, Neo-Confederacy and the Raising of Historical Illiterates, on the CounterPunch Online web site. On February 15, the lovely Bryanna Bevens offered some commentary on the Wise essay in her VDare.com article, Time To Hang My Confederate Flag. Finally, this morning I ran across a discussion thread about Tim Wise and the purse issue on a White Nationalist web site called Stormfront.

One poster, a college student from Maine, attended a talk on campus given by Tim Wise. "My blood was BOILING!!" the poster wrote. "In his very articulate and entertaining style, he totally trashed and humiliated every white person with even a gram of pride. . . . The saddest and most heart-wrenching thing for me to get over is that the predominately white audience cheered him on like he was a rock star. I never felt more alone and alienated in my whole life."

The Tim Wise talk was a valuable experience for that student from Maine. His (or her) reporting of that experience was a valuable contribution to a discussion thread. The issue I'd like to call attention to is this: How can pro-white activists turn the efforts of people like Tim Wise to our own advantage?

Here is one possibility. Just an idea. It wouldn't work against someone like Al Sharpton addressing a largely black crowd. But it might work against a "white" person like Wise addressing a mostly white audience.

Before Wise shows up, prepare some single sheet, or even half-sheet handouts to give people as they enter the building where the speech will be given. The handout should make a few simple points or ask a few simple questions, for example, "Who is really privileged, white people or Tim Wise?" The handout should have the URL for a web page that is specifically designed to raise questions in the minds of generally intelligent but politically unsophisticated white people. I tried to address my article that I mentioned above (Deconstructing Tim the Wise Guy) to that audience. You could link to it, or, better yet, write your own. The web page should have an e-mail address or a "contact form" that won't get spammed.

Obviously, if you are part of a group, you can take more elaborate measures. If you are on your own, you might use something like my handout idea as a way of meeting a few people who might be interested in forming a group. Many intelligent people listening to someone like Tim Wise will experience a few doubts. It is at times like these that an "anti-Tim Wise" flier could be most effective in helping someone take the first steps that lead from mere doubt into active opposition.


Wise is obviously an intelligent person. The first three paragraphs of his CounterPunch article really did make me pause and think:

Here's a little experiment, in two parts.

First, pick a white person, pretty much any white person; then go up to them and mention the subject of slavery, and its consequences for blacks in the United States. Then pull out a stopwatch and time how long it takes for them to say something to the effect of, "All that was a long time ago. Why can't we leave the past in the past and move on?"

And here's the second part: come and spend a little time in my neck of the woods -- the American South -- and watch how long it takes for you to spot someone waving, wearing, or otherwise displaying (perhaps on their car) a confederate flag. Now, having seen several, go up to their respective owners and tell them, "All that was a long time ago. Why can't you leave the past in the past and move on?"

Here is my answer: I would never ask a black person to forget the history of slavery in the U.S.A. Nor would I ask a white American, especially a Southern white American, to forget about the Civil War and Reconstruction. Those are major events influencing The Way Things Are Today.

My objection is not to historical memory, it is to the constant use of "400 years of slavery" to justify the always increasing and increasingly stupid demands placed on white Americans supposedly to rectify "historical injustices" against black Americans. Confederate Flag decorations on purses demand nothing of the viewer. They are not the beginning of an argument along the lines of, "You have done this to us, therefore, you must now give us . . . " They are souvenirs of a lost war, they are symbols of a rebellious spirit that has not been crushed.

It is that rebellious spirit, I believe, that truly vexes Tim Wise. Otherwise, why would he generate such invective against two high school girls? Doesn't America's best-known "public intellectual" have anything better to do with his time than complain about a couple of purses?


Picking apart a Tim Wise article is a good exercise. I've done it before. In the "Neo-Confederacy" article, Wise, rather tediously, attempts to prove that the Confederate States were fighting only for slavery and that the Confederate Flag stands for slavery and nothing else. I will leave the point-by-point critique as an exercise for the reader. You might find some of the articles in Lewrockwell.com's Thomas DiLorenzo Archives to be helpful. Any of these DiLorenzo articles would be good starting points: Private Property and the American Heritage, Gettysburg College's Hate Crime 'Artist', Totalitarian Lincolnites, Spooner's Fiery Attack on Lincolnite Hypocrisy and Getting Lincoln Half Right and Half Wrong.

If you and I do a good job of exposing the bad arguments of Tim Wise, then his campus appearances might end up being good for pro-white politics. He speaks, creating interest in the concept, for example, of "white privilege." That interest puts us in a good position to attack the concept and to publicize the fact that Resistance is Happening. Wise can't turn this around and attack us, because that only gives us more publicity, which is what we want.

Since I am an unknown little guy, if my enemy exposes a bad argument I'm making, then my enemy has done me the favor of goading me into making a good argument. I lose the skirmish, then I go on to win the battle. (Of course, if I cannot make a good argument, then I lose the battle, too.) That is why the best of the "opposition posters" on forums like American Renaissance are so beneficial. Likemindedness is good when there is work to be accomplished. Too much of it is bad when we are trying to sharpen our rhetorical skills.

Tim Wise is an "opposition poster" of the White Race. It is worthwhile for some of us to spend the time understanding his points and developing answers to them. Not to be delivered to Tim personally, of course. He will just go on being the Satan that he is, which is fine, because he is the Satan that we need. No, the efforts are for ourselves, for our fellow pro-white advocates, and, ultimately, regardless of the particular factions we might belong to, for our Race.

Tim Wise will receive his rebuke in due time, perhaps from "Stormfront," perhaps from some other whirlwind.

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NOTE: The American Renaissance discussion forum has a thread devoted to the "Civil War Erupts Over Confederate Handbags" article.

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Addendum, April 7, 2006:

A recent Lewrockwell.com article by Charlie Reese ("The Second Revolution") gives a short analysis of the "War of Northern Aggression" along with recommendations for four short books about it. In particular, one book, When in the Course of Human Events by Charles Adams, will, according to Reese, "disavow you of the notion that the war was about freeing slaves and preserving the union." Might be worth reading before attending a Tim Wise talk.


Addendum, August 6, 2007:

Tim Wise recently wrote an article about some of the commentary related to the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, Tennessee. See Horror and Significance: Thoughts About Tim Wise and Knoxville for a few relevant links.

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