What If They Get Their Way?
December 16, 2005

Some things are so grotesque, they are at first unbelievable. Such was the behavior of a group of High School students brought from Detroit to Lansing by an organization with the everything but terse name of "The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary." They were brought to Lansing so that they could disrupt a meeting of the Board of Canvassers, which had been ordered by the Michigan Court of Appeals to certify the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative's petition, so that the issue of racial preferences would appear on the Michigan 2006 ballot. Here are some links to fill you in on the details:


We can contrast the offensive conduct of the Detroit High School students with the civil disobediance of Rosa Parks. Now, I don't think of Parks as a great noble herione of the Civil Rights Movement -- she had the lead part in a bit of political theater back in the '50s, and that was her claim to fame ever since. But it was effective theater; Rosa Parks played her part well. She did break a law, but it was a law that many people thought was unjust. She was able to project an image of dignity while she broke it. She broke it in the service of a movement that was, according to its public statements, seeking political equality.

Wednesday's disruption in Lansing managed to make the pro-racial preferences side look like a bunch of idiots. It wasn't even "political theater," it was simply a crass and stupid attempt at political intimidation. It was done, not to protest an unjust law, but to prevent the People of Michigan from overturning an unjust arrangement according to which "minorities" and sometimes women and sometimes gay people are given favorable treatment by agencies of the state.


What will happen if there is no vote? What if the mad BAMNers get their way? They will have proven that disruption works, that mob behavior can be employed in their favor, that they can treat public opinion and the just institutions of a democratic society with utter contempt and still suffer no ill consequence. Indeed, their vile behavior will have won them a great victory.

I am hoping that the People of Michigan get to vote on this. Even if they don't vote the way I'd like them to, I want them to have a vote. If I don't get my way, fine, the people will have spoken and I will simply let go of the issue. That is the essence of the democratic process.

I fear for the future if that process becomes corrupted to such an extent that it could never be a vehicle for the redress of grievances of citizens in whose names the government supposedly operates.

Prominent members of the Michigan Democratic Party have been willingly contributing to this process of corruption. What kind of future do they wish for their fellow citizens? A future involving endless racial preferences? A society so dedicated to enforcing a weird statistical parity among various racial and ethnic groups that it completely forgets about potentials for real social progress? A society where the expressed will of the people becomes a plaything for smug bureaucrats and their good friends the thugs?

The Republicans, by supporting the imperialist policies of conquest and aggression, have shown their contempt for the concept of "republic." The Democrats are just as bad. By wrongfully and against the orders of the court trying yet again to deprive the People of Michigan of their right to decide on this issue of public importance, the Democrats are showing their contempt for the concept of "democracy."

The rest of us might start to wonder, when do we get our country back?

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