Brooks Patterson, You Are Old and Senile -- Get Lost!
August 9, 2014

I do not think Brooks Patterson is clinically senile, but lately his political thinking seems to be dominated by an inveterate crabbiness, as illustrated in a recent Detroit News article, Tea party must come to its senses by Nolan Finley, based on extensive quotes from Mr. Patterson:

The radical right hijacked the movement . . .

They've brought a destructive element into the political process.

They'd rather go down to defeat than bend on their principles . . .

. . . if the Tea Party doesn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory . . .

This election is set up for us given President Obama's unpopularity. If these people don't come to their senses, we'll lose this opportunity. We have to unite to defeat a common enemy.

OK, so Brooks does not like the Tea Party. He wants a pragmatic, election-winning machine where Reliable Donors meet with Acceptable Candidates and pour money into their electoral efforts during well-mannered fundraisers at the Yacht Club where nobody even thinks about Rocking The Boat. He wants a Republican Party where billionaire matrons can hob-nob with gay activists and it's all just so frigging civilized. And he wants everyone else, the rest of us, who never mingle with that -- what? -- that Mild Bunch -- to keep quiet, know our places and politely show up on election day and vote for the Acceptable Republican Establishment.

This is the Establishment that is all "big tent" when it comes to homosexuals and immigrants, but which snarls DESTRUCTIVE HIJACKERS MUST COME TO YOUR SENSES!!! when confronted with any challenge from more conservative regions of the political spectrum.

Successful old people like Patterson often suffer from a kind of intellectual disorder. They think in terms of ideas and patterns that really worked, in general and for them personally, decades ago when things were much different. The Patterson Mind of 1980 lives on in the Patterson of 2014. According to that way of thinking, the conservative challengers of today are not actually confronting the situation of today, they are just causing trouble. Threatening party unity! Sullying the legacy of Ronald Reagan!

I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat nor a Tea Party activist nor a conservative. I recognize the ruinous policies of the Obama administration. I recognize the ruinous policies of our "liberal elite" which support Obama in his hope to "fundamentally transform" America. If the Republican Party cannot mount a profound and, let me say it, necessarily divisive challenge to that transformation, now well underway, then "party unity" will be meaningless. Who wants to vote for "jobs" when they don't even have a country?

It always annoys me when I read op-ed pieces by liberals offering "friendly" advice to Republican candidates. It's always, "Ignore those C R A Z Y people who care about immigration or marriage. This election is about . . . ta da!! . . . JOBS!!" The point of such articles is not to help Republicans, but to set up a great division between Republican office-seekers and average Republican voters.

That being said, let me give some advice of my own. Primary season is NOT a time for "unity." It is a time for people to put out ideas and see which appeal to voters. It's a time for voters to meet different candidates and respond, positively or negatively, to their personalities. It is NOT a time for those relatively few voters who care to ratify a slate of candidates pre-selected by a few Republican big-shots. Who do they think they are, anyway? Please, no more talk of Tea Party candidates "tormenting" mainstream candidates. Welcome some opposition! Grow up!

Finley writes, ". . . the last thing Republicans need ahead of the fall election is a divisive, destructive and distracting convention fight." Wrong thinking, totally! The establishment needs to allow dissident elements, who have gotten to the convention through a fair, orderly process, to have their say. It needs to respect their participation. THEN, after the convention as a whole votes 100% in accordance with establishment positions, EVERYONE can go home, feel they've been treated fairly, feel they are respected, feel they are valued, and go on, in a justly acquired spirit of party unity, to work for Republican victory in November. Good grief, is Diversity and Inclusion really all that hard to understand? Mr. Patterson, stop the hate!

This criticism is offered in a positive spirit. Brooks Patterson suffers from a few erroneous ways of thinking. Perhaps my rude remarks will shock him into enlightenment.

I plan on voting straight Republican this fall. I hope they all win. And I hope, in seasons that follow, they prove themselves worthy of their victories.

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