Debating Debate From a White Perspective
April 19, 2014

See: Does Traditional College Debate Reinforce White Privilege? by Jessica Carew Kraft, Apr 16 2014, The Atlantic, and the College Debate post on American Renaissance based on it.

Most black people are not capable of college level debate, or even high school level debate. Most white people are not capable of college level debate, or even high school level debate. Academic style debate is for those members of the talented tenth, the verbal elite or whatever who are also good at thinking on their feet.

A college debate is a public speaking competition conducted under well-established rules. I presume there are competitions conducted under different rules, e.g., give a 15 minute speech on a topic of your choice. These might be suitable for the black students who chafe at the formal strictures of traditional debate.

Recently, black "debaters" have taken to going way off topic, spouting generic black idiocy about "how the U.S. government is at war with poor black communities" and so on. They are sometimes awarded prizes for their misconduct. Some college professors think this is a great thing.

If you are a white college debater, you might find what you have experienced or witnessed perplexing or even beyond belief. In fact, it is just another manifestation of the weirdness of racial politics in America. You need something like my Personal Intelligence Tool just to keep track of a small part of it.

Don't let go of this issue -- you will find out that it is part of something huge. It is not the "terms of the debate itself" that need to be challenged. It is the utter stupidity of contemporary racial thought in academia and the unpardonable pusillanimity of most professors.

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Addendum, June 3, 2014:

You get to a certain part of the movie and you realize the character is insane and cannot be reasoned with. The insanity is out there, obvious, undeniable, dangerous. That's what's so good about the great college debate controversy . It's not like a horror movie. It's much more like a comedy. Here we have grown up men with Ph.D. degrees treating a performance that would not win any prize in any respectable rap battle as if it were a Shakespeare soliloquy. And then lashing out at critics with charges of <drumroll> <rimshot> bigotry! (Please..)


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