Immigration Obamageddon
July 21, 2014

The Central American Children's Crusade is turning into a farce. The propaganda isn't working. The whole episode was planned in advance: Allow tens of thousands of "children" from Central America into the U.S.A., have editorialists, etc., wring their hands about "compassion," etc., then implement "solutions" that amount to instant permanent residency for the whole lot of them. Amnesty by any means necessary! How could it not work? This is Crisis Management 101!

It's the great risk of political theater. Sometimes the stagecraft is all too obviously stagecraft. Sometimes the hidden agenda is all too plainly visible. I can say, "Obama let this stuff happen on purpose" and no one will call me a conspiracy theorist whackjob.

We have some fine ingredients here. A staged crisis plus a critical mass of public skepticism and disapproval.


I don't know if any of the above is really true, but every day I seem to get a tantalizing hint from the morning papers or my favorite web sites. This is from yesterday:

In the meantime, from California to Massachusetts, communities are offering to build or rehab facilities to take in child migrants until they connect with relatives, plea asylum cases or enter into foster care. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for ensuring one of those three outcomes before it deports any minor.
U.S. communities diverge on child migrant response by Emily Schmall (Associated Press), Detroit Free Press, 20 July 2014, p. 20A.
That's like saying they won't be deported until they've been placed in permanent homes. The twisted logic here smells like "all planned in advance."

From today's paper we have:

The youths, ages 12-17, would stay at the facility's tree-laden, 130 acre campus for two to four weeks while officials connect them with a relative or sponsor, said Derrick McCree, senior vice president for Wolverine.
Housing migrant kids splits Vassar by Francis X Donnelly, The Detroit News, July 21, 2014, p. 8A.
There does not seem to be any thought at all about sending some of these kids back to Central America.

Regardless of whether the influx of child refugees (some of whom are not children, some of whom are not refugees) is by design or mere executive ineptitude, the issue needs to be seriously studied by people with serious resources. We need a Congressional investigation. Who did what? Who knew what and when? Congressional hearings would move us from widely scattered hunches to broad public awareness. It would transform widespread disgust at the Obama administration's cynical posturings and secret maneuverings into a decisive defeat for the entire treasonous amnesty movement.

This could be the major political showdown of Obama's presidency. This could be Obamageddon.


For any Congress people who decide to deal seriously with this issue, a word of advice: Watch the movie Good Night and Good Luck. It's about a clash between journalist Edward R. Murrow and politician Joseph R. McCarthy. It includes actual footage of McCarthy. McCarthy was publicizing the serious problem of "big C" Communist infiltration into high levels of our government. But he did not present the issue well to a national audience. He was easily denounced as a "demagogue" because that's what he sounded like.

In today's marshaling of opposing forces, Glen Beck has taken the side of the immigrants. That's good, we don't have to worry about him. The public faces on our side need to be sober, dignified, intelligent and merciless. No demagogues, no clowns. No small-town cornballs who do not understand the concept of "fact checking."

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