Thoughts on the Tim Wise Open Letter to the White Right
November 10, 2010

Like others on the "White Right," I'm struggling to interpret the recent "Tim Wise Open Letter". What was he trying to accomplish? And how can pro-White individuals make positive use of the document?

I've read both versions of the Wise essay -- the original where he writes, "We just have to be patient. And wait for your hearts to stop beating," and his revised verstion where he writes, "We just have to be patient. And wait for you to pass into that good night, first politically, and then, well..."

At first I thought the whole thing was a mistake. Maybe Tim was watching the mid-term election returns on TV, having a few drinks, then a few hours pass, he has a few drinks too many and then when the hugeness of the Republican victories becomes apparent, he goes into a drunken rage and types up his hateful "open letter." It's some of the craziest stuff I've ever read. I mean, towards the end, I was expecting him to order all of his reserve divisions into combat.

I'm crazy, too. A bit paranoid, actually. Hey, I'm a right-winger. That's my job....

But, seriously. I think the document was a coldly calculated attempt to make a few right-wingers really mad. So they would send Tim over-the-top or even threatening e-mails that he could quote so as to prove how insane the White Race has become. This is a recurring theme in contemporary leftist agitprop. (See White America Has Lost Its Mind By Steven Thrasher.)

Consider the lines, "Just promise you'll do more than talk this time. Please, or as one of your celluloid heroes might put it, 'make my day.'" The reference is to a movie called "Dirty Harry" (or a sequal to it), where Harry, sort of a "good-guy dirty cop," pretends not to know if any bullets are left in his gun. The criminal he is chasing draws on him, Harry draws faster, shoots the criminal dead and everyone (except for the criminal) lives happily ever after.

We must savor the moment. Tim Wise, Icon of the Left, Scourge of the Right and Hammer of Diversity Trainers, is visualizing himself as Dirty Harry.... I laugh out loud as I write. But it does suggest to me that the piece is a stone sober provoction. If there is an implied "Oh, I just said some dumb stuff when I was drunk," it is just an implied guise. The thing we "figure out" is what we are supposed to "figure out." I do think Tim really wants us to "make his day." He wants us to do something stupid so that we can be (further) discredited.

Well, the dude is no friend of mine. If he wants his day made, he'll have to make it himself. Maybe he can invent a few extra personalities and play them off against each other in some sort of self-righteous leftie version of Ragnarok. I've never met any right-wingers who even vaguely resemble the charicatures in Tim's hit-piece, so I'm sure his inventive powers are quite impressive.

I know a lot of righties plan on sending messages and letters to colleges and universities where Tim is scheduled to speak. Fine ideas! If possible, try to do this with with a friend or two or three. Essentially simple projects like this can be the beginning of real organization. Here is a bit of leftie political craft: You will probably "lose," but if play the game right, you will actually win: You'll be more personally educated, you'll have more solidarity, maybe you'll get some publicity, maybe you'll meet some new people. In other words, you'll gain some weight before the next match.

Here is what I would say if I had a chance to address some university's Board of Governors:

My name is Evariste Galois. I graduated from this school 45 years ago. I studied quantum physics, retailing and modern dance. I'm here today to protest this university's decision to have an individual named Tim Wise come here and deliver a lecture on the subject of tolerance.

I make this protest because I am old, I am white and, politically, I regard myself as a right-winger.

I do not mean to offend you by saying that. I don't mean to be defiant. That's just what I am. Or, if I might quote a line from a dance movie from the 1980s, "That's just the way I walk."

Now Tim, back in November, expressed his reactions to the results of the mid-term elections in a piece called, "An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum."

In this piece he almost deleriously imagines the demise of old, white, right-wing people such as myself. It is one of the most hateful things I've ever read and the hatred is directed at people like me. He writes that he and his platoons of the supposedly abused, maligned and marginalized are "planning even now" my destruction, that they are waiting for my heart to stop beating.

Please. Having Tim Wise instruct your students on the subject of tolerance is like having Humbert Humbert give a talk about sexual harassment.

I encourage you to withdraw your invitation for him to speak.

Thank you for listening.

[NOTE: I invented some of the biographical details above in order to make this blog entry more entertaining. Also, I got the idea that Tim was being deliberately provocative from another right-wing blog.]

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