Black Riot Endgame
May 4, 2015

A huge crowd of angry black people will assemble before some government building guarded by armed men. The "protesters" will charge. The guards will throw down their arms and flee. Revolution will be upon us.

President Barak Obama, in spite of his oath to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic, will take the side of the protesters.

Maybe a few hard-core Leftist revolutionary types have something like that in mind. Who knows. The current tactic seems to be:

DO UNTIL Some rioter gets shot:


When the first rioter gets shot, kick up the outrage and engineer some serious rioting, all the time blaming the police. The goal is to intimidate law enforcement when dealing with black criminals and black rioters. Our society is being tested. The question is not How many more must die before we act?, which is the title of the Nancy Kaffer editorial. The question is, will we be able to defend ourselves, our communities and our institutions?


We've seen the flames on TV. We've read the mewling editorials. What things have we not seen or read in "mainstream" media outlets over the last week? In all of that, a few important issues are conspicuously absent:

I'll give two examples of that last point. First there is the knockout game which involves black hooligans sneaking up on unsuspecting white people and knocking them over with a sucker punch. It happens frequently, but I have not seen any mainstream reporting examining this trend.

Also, there have been a number of cases over the last few years of large mobs of black "youth" invading some space -- an amusement park, a shopping mall, a beach -- and intimidating and sometimes attacking white people. These events are not widely or even accurately reported. Often the racial makeup of the mob is not reported.


The biggest thing not being reported last week was: Who were the rioters? Who were the organizers? We are supposed to believe that everything that happened was a spontaneous reaction of people taking "to the streets in pain and horror and outrage." Well, that might be part of the explanation, but I believe much of the havoc was planned, instigated and guided by people who are expert at doing precisely that.

Detroit News columnist Frank Beckmann compared the Baltimore riot with the Ferguson riots:

Again, the rioters took to the streets. Again, the outside groups led by People's Power Assembly, another anarchist group claimed under the umbrella of a George Soros-funded entity called Alliance for Global Justice, showed up to cause trouble.
That paragraph by itself would not be "proof" that "outside agitators" were involved. But it is an obvious question. Were they involved? How?

This truly piques my interest. We have an outright gargantuan internal security system in the U.S.A. Editorialists can babble on about "root causes," President Obama can urge us to search our souls, but I would like our officials, with huge amounts of investigative machinery at their disposal, to actually do some investigating. I want to know the part that intentional, organized human action played in all the chaos. The fact that this issue isn't even mentioned in mainstream accounts of the riots makes me wonder. I know, I've got my tinfoil hat on right now and I'm going to a meeting of the Secret Knowledge Club later today, but still I wonder, who might be collaborating, who might be colluding with whom?

Who else is thinking about the Endgame?

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