Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys Run the GOP
March 3, 2015

Their cowardice does not bother me. I'm not exactly the bravest guy in the world. It's their treason. Their support of the enemy. Their willingness to clobber other members of their own party. Consider an editorial from the March 3 Detroit News: GOP shoots own foot in shutdown standoff. Wow. They could have just written nothing. 52 courageous Republicans are up against fewer than 50 obstructive Democrats, and somehow, a supposedly conservative-leaning editorial page just presumes -- arguing from History, no less! -- that Republicans . . . that Americans can do nothing to halt Obama's illegal, unconstitutional amnesty. I would ask anyone who advises surrender on this issue, who are you really working for?

This whole debate is about "Homeland Security." How can there be homeland security when there is no homeland?

Republican officials, office-holders and publicists need to consider the possibility that there will be a huge turning point on this issue. Obama might lose. You might lose. And the American people will remember whose side you were on when your support could have made a difference.

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