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February 16, 2015

Three Muslims were apparently murdered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina last week. The killer is in custody and will go on trial for his crimes. This was not a Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin type situation. The incident, reportedly, began with a dispute over a parking space. We are not talking about self-defense!

Something happens, you use it to make a point. Thus, in this morning's Detroit Free Press we have: Shooting victim hoped for tolerance -- we should, too, Fatina Abdrabboh and Peter Hammer, Detroit Free Press, February 13, 2015, p. 11A. The accusatory part of this piece begins in the fifth paragraph:

For more than a decade, we, as a community, have stoked the flames of fear and distrust of the Arab-American community and the Muslim-American communities.
Who is this "we"? Does the "we" include me? If so, I'd like to exclude myself from it. I have done nothing to stoke flames of any kind. I do sow (not stoke) feelings of distrust against writers I disagree with. I'm a blogger, that's my job. You want to put up your own blog entry saying "Don't trust this guy!!" (meaning me), go ahead.

I've got my own couple of points I want to make over and over, so I'll use the op-ed piece as a pretext for doing so.

One -- every time a Muslim or group of Muslims whacks a white person here in the U.S., we are constantly warned: Let there be no backlash! But when it's the other way around, as in this case, it's never random bullshit in a messed up universe. No, it's always the moral failings of white Americans, so, by golly, let the backlashing begin!

Two -- the extent of black-on-white violence in the U.S.A. is deliberately, systematically, hugely underplayed by mainstream American media. People like Mr. Hammer and Ms. Abdrabboh have absolutely no standing to give me or any white Americans moral lessons about anything. A quote from later in the article:

Individually, we either contribute to a climate of fear and violence or we contribute to climate of love and inclusion.
No, no, no, that is baloney by the barrel. I don't expect "love and inclusion" from strangers. Strangers should not expect "love and inclusion" from me. I leave other people alone and I expect the same. If someone wants to say that I "contribute to a climate of fear and violence" because I don't buy into a bunch of patently phony "love and inclusion" bullshit, all I can say is: Eat me!

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Note: The title of this blog entry was inspired by the title of an album of heavy metal music that came out in 1968. It includes such classics as "Parchment Farm" (sic).

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