First Selectman Jim Marpe: Are You Daft?
May 18, 2015

Some fliers were tossed on lawns in Westport, Connecticut, where Jim Marpe serves as First Selectman, which is a position similar to that of mayor in other cities. The fliers bore a simple message:

Let me offer some logic: Everybody cool with that? Great! OK, more logic: First Selectman Marpe found the second syllogism to be offensive:
I am deeply concerned and disappointed that statements like this have found their way to Westport homes. This kind of racial ugliness has no place anywhere, and certainly not in Westport. (Community forum set in response to '#White Lives Matter' flyers, Anne M. Amato, CT, May 12, 2015.)
I guess Mr. Marpe just came face-to-face with an "inconvenient truth," as the Lefties like to say when talking about Global Warming. Oops, I mean Global Climate Change.

Seriously, if we crave diversity, then all the diverse elements must recognize the humanity of other diverse elements. There is no other way to get along. #BlackLivesMatter AND #WhiteLivesMatter would seem to be a foundation for mutual respect.

Of course, "#BlackLivesMatter" conveys more than the literal meaning of the words. It suggests massive indifference on the part of police and on the part of society at large to the lives of black citizens.

Saying "#WhiteLivesMatter" calls attention to the suffering many white people have endured due to the depraved indifference of black criminals to the lives of other people.

Contemporary mainstream racial politics demands that one point be constantly highlighted, even in cases where it is irrelevant (such as the killing of Michael Brown) and that the other point be constantly suppressed. First Selectman Jim Marpe is just doing his job as a foot soldier in this great propaganda war. There is no "racial ugliness" in saying "#WhiteLivesMatter," but Marpe must pretend that there is. He must threaten you with moral condemnation if you do not agree with him.


About ten years ago there was a racial incident in Western Michigan. An organization called White White Voices of America put up some fliers calling for a "whites-only family picnic and political discussion." An outfit called the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance jumped on this incident, with spokesperson Joel Toppen hoping to "drown out the whites-only voice and message" at a Community Forum.

See the pattern? An inoffensive, essentially trivial statement is made recognizing legitimate interests of white people. A few Lords of Diversity then work themselves up into states of great indignation and call for a community forum to heal the wounds or whatever.

The tactic is getting old. We are constantly hammered with accusations of racial injustice, racial insensitivity, micro-aggressions, etc. Every day, more and more white people, even the politically unsophisticated, are beginning to realize that much of that is just a sick, manipulative game. We are not guilty! Jim Marpe can tear his shirt, he can rip his hair out, and we still won't feel guilty. Guilt trips lose their force over time.

Now is an especially bad time for guilt-tripping white people. Less than a month after black people caused over 100 million dollar's worth of damage in Baltimore, many white people just aren't going to flip out over a #WhiteLivesMatter hash tag. Demagogues have been waving the bloody shirt ever since the Marcus Antonius funeral oration, but here there is no shirt, there is no blood. Just paper and ink.

The boy cried "Wolf!" Marpe cries "racial ugliness!" We weary of the emotional manipulation. We realize some voices are not worth listening to. We move on.

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