More Baloney From Leonard Pitts Jr.
May 14, 2015

Alex Jones and Leonard Pitts are like magnetic poles. Right-wing nut job Jones promotes a silly conspiracy theory about a military training exercise. Left-wing nut job Pitts uses that silliness to back up his previous statements that "the idea of anti-government resistance" is now "the mainstream, the beating heart of the Republican party" and that domestic terrorist Tim McVeigh's "conviction that America's government is America's enemy . . . has bound itself to the very DNA of modern conservatism." One load of Right-wing crap, one load of Left-wing crap.

Today's Republican Party does have a lunatic mainstream including people like Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Orin Hatch, George W. Bush and Lindsey Graham, but they love the Federal Government with all their hearts and souls. If not for the U.S. Government, who else would be the State of Israel's most reliable good buddy in the whole wide world?

When we move away from the Zionist neo-cons, we find many mainstream Republicans are very fond of the Federal Government. They wish to participate or they enjoy participating in the governance of the U.S.A. How could they do that without a Federal Government?

These days, genuine conservatives -- Tea Party types, etc. -- make up a significant fraction of the Republican Party, but they advocate limited government, not the abolition of it.

Self-described "right-wingers," people who identify with the Dissident Right, etc., happen to form the most politically diverse group in American politics. It is like America itself -- huge, you can't see the whole thing all at once. Yes, there is lunacy, there are lunatics. Big deal, lunacy is everywhere. In the contemporary American Left, lunacy is pervasive. Their whole project is lunatic. They have stupefied themselves so thoroughly they cannot even see their lunacy. They revel in their lunacy, thinking that it is progressive enlightenment. Idiots, every last one of them, including Leonard Pitts, Jr.

Anyway, as a self-styled dissident, I need to point out that many of my opinions are not shared by conservatives or mainstream Republicans, Zionist or otherwise. If I write something edgy or controversial or even shocking, you can't say, "That's what all Republicans think! It's in their DNA!" You have one legitimately denounceable target and that's me and I'm not a Republican.

So here is what I think. As a first approximation, as a crude but still valid shorthand, yes, "America's government has become America's enemy." I admit to a strong "antipathy" towards it, mainly towards the purposes it has been perverted into serving, but mine is not a "violent antipathy." I am not an anarchist. Life in a poorly governed contemporary Western "democracy" is (in most cases) better than life in a completely ungoverned country. We should all have at least some minimal respect for the government and its powers. That is in our DNA, if we are true Americans, whether we are Right, Left, Republican, Democrat, Socialist or none of the above.

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