Republican Pussies
April 10, 2015

RE: 'The Culture War' -- a battle the GOP can't win by Leonard Pitts Jr., Detroit Free Press, April 10, 2015, p. 10A.

Of course the Republican Party "can't win." Too many GOP big-shots are nothing but pussies. By "pussy" I mean they display a certain ill-dignified femininity. In this sense, most women are not "pussies." They can be quite soft in appropriate situations, but they can also stand firm. They can, like me, refuse to let the enemy define the terms of debate. When a man acts with an ill-dignified femininity, he rightly deserves to be insulted by being called a pussy.

Pitts begins his column:

The argument is over and conservatives have lost.
Ah, no, I'll argue on as long as I feel like it. Pitts can strut around in the chicken yard crowing about his great cultural victories, but that does not end anything.

Recent political events in Indiana and Arkansas were not skirmishes in any "culture war." They do illustrate an almost total victory of the Left in a public relations campaign to have all of us think that any form of "discrimination" is wicked.


I'm almost done re-reading Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals for the fourth or fifth time. As a Right-winger, naturally I find much in the book worthy of stern criticism. But Alinsky always taught the importance of flexibility, fluidity, of adapting along with ever-changing circumstances.

Pitts is kind of an anti-Alinsky. Instead of poking his finger into the Sauron-like Eye of Wal-Mart, he quotes Wal-Mart to make his point. Instead of defending the prerogatives of small, independent business people -- cake decorators, florists, photographers -- Pitts revels in the thought of the State forcing these individuals to provide services in ways they find distasteful and, in some cases, contrary to their religious beliefs. At this point, Pitts gloats, "we are arguing over who should bake the cake."

Yes, allowing small business people a choice does allow them to "discriminate," but the Republican Pussy is afraid to say so. If there were a real issue here, the daily papers would be full of sob-stories along the lines of, "We were all ready to tie the knots, erm, I mean the knot, not the knots, but <choking back a sob> WE COULDN'T FIND ANYONE TO BAKE A CAKE FOR US!" I have never read such an article. I simply cannot imagine that two gay individuals would be unable to find a gay or gay-friendly cake decorator.

Pitts writes:

This is not about morality, the constitution or faith. It never was.

No, this is about using the law to validate the primal sense of "ick" that still afflicts some heterosexuals at the thought of boys who like boys and girls who like girls. And the solution to their problem is three words long: Get over it.

Pitts lies outright. The great cake war is about freedom, morality, the constitution, faith, children, life, the future, everything. I am not opposed to all forms of government coercion, but if we are going to coerce our fellow citizens, we need to offer a good reason. For example, it makes sense for the government to forbid public accommodations from discriminating on the basis of race. Before that law went into effect, traveling while black was completely different from traveling while white.

Pitts gets the "ick" factor completely wrong. I'm actually not "homophobic," but some people are. So? It's a deep-down feeling. In erotic matters, different people have all kinds of different attractions and revulsions and all kinds of things. Pitts has absolutely no standing to tell anyone, especially not any white people, how we should feel about anything. Pitts, you need to get over yourself because you are telling lies to the public for the sake of the powerful so that you and they can force the powerless to act contrary to their beliefs and feelings. Utterly contemptible! Almost as contemptible as the Republican Pussies who are afraid to challenge you.

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If I ever get married, I would want a "Grand Budapest Hotel" themed wedding. Instead of a cake, each group of four guests would have one "Courtesan au Chocolat" and a "throat-slitter" to cut it with. Hmmm.... Not too romantic. Maybe I should stay single.


Check out Indiana And The Long Retreat in the Culture War by Pat Buchanan.

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