Retarded Tranny Gyps Crazy Ghetto Fag
February 11, 2015

The University of Michigan is sponsoring an "Inclusive Language Campaign," a major part of which is to discourage the use of words such as those appearing in the title of this blog entry.
University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told The College Fix in an email the campaign aims to "address campus climate by helping individuals understand that their words can impact someone and to encourage individuals to commit to creating a positive campus community."
(Public University Spends $16K on Campaign to Warn Students to Watch What They Say, Samantha Auydia, The College Fix, February 9, 2015.)
The university is also launching an initiative to encourage students to share their toys, to wash their hands after using the toilet, to say "Please" and "Thank you," and to respect other people's property. If I had a four-year-old daughter with an IQ of 165, I wouldn't think of sending her anywhere else in the whole wide world!

OK, seriously, I've been following "diversity" ever since U of M celebrated its first "Diversity Day" in the late 1980s. Every year, the drivel, the cant, the claptrap get worse. ". . . their words can impact someone . . ." Oh, boy...

I have to say this. There are people who enjoy insulting other people. Sometimes words such as those in the title are used in the insults. But most uses of those words are NOT insulting and are not meant to be insulting and are not taken as insults. "Tranny" is just common slang for transvestite. Etc., etc.

I try to be careful with my insults. When I called the words of Mr. Fitzgerald "drivel," "cant," and "claptrap," I meant to be insulting. I don't know who the guy is, but I'm sure he is paid enough to write as if he had a college education, whether he actually has one or not.

This leads to the real issue. How can an institution that puts out such silliness, that revels in ludicrous posturing, ever have any kind of conversation about serious moral issues?

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