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February 20, 2015

RE: The Secret Knowledge, just ignorance by another name, Leonard Pitts Jr., Detroit Free Press, Feb. 10, 2015, p. 13A.

Pitts complains about people like me, people who look for

. . . the truth behind the truth, the real facts behind the facts "they" want you to believe. . . Not incidentally, the Secret Knowledge will always confirm your worst fears.
I've been doing that for about 35 years. When the movie Conspiracy Theory came out about 20 years ago, the Mel Gibson character had a set-up much like mine for clipping papers: a large green cutting mat and an X-acto knife. Kind of blew my mind. I guess we conspiracy theorists all think alike. ;)

Over the years I've lost interest in "conspiracy." Yeah, I've come across a few, but nothing seriously criminal, as far as I know. It's usually a fair guess I have about who might be working with whom to fool the public. Here are a few opinions I have on topics alluded to by Pitts:

  1. Did U.S. astronauts really walk on the Moon? I think they did. I think the people who say otherwise are cranks, but this little list entry is the extent of my interest in the topic.
  2. Is Global Warming real? I think so. I read Skepticism's Proper Target by John Derbyshire. The guy is really smart and I trust him. I'm sure he is not an undercover leftist agitator.
  3. Was Trayvon Martin a thug? I don't know enough about him to characterize his personality. I've read a fair amount about the incident in which he was killed. The pro-Martin articles were filled with broad, paranoid generalizations. The pro-Zimmerman articles (and any "objective" articles) gave details that supported Zimmerman's version of the encounter. The details made sense and could be checked against physical evidence, witness testimony, and so on. So I believe Zimmerman was rightly found "not guilty" by a jury.
  4. On the vaccination/autism connection, I used to believe that, but I changed my mind after reading a Steve Sailer article on the subject. Sailer is another smart guy I trust.
  5. As to 9-11, I don't think it was an "inside job." I do believe that a few key individuals let it happen on purpose. This is clearly an important issue, but I prefer to spend my time on little mysteries that can be solved in an afternoon or two.

The Trayvon Martin killing is still controversial. People in the habit of evaluating information with some level of objectivity tend to take Zimmerman's side. People like Leonard Pitts, Jr. have profound material interests in keeping alive a narrative of black victimization. That happens to be a "mainstream" position. It is also bullshit. Not to say that black people are never victimized. Usually they are victimized by other black people. Yes, sometimes they are victimized by white people or white police, but that is not a key factor that could explain just about everything about why black people live the way they do.

I do not trust Leonard Pitts, Jr. to write the truth even when he knows it. This is not because I have Secret Knowledge not available to those without a cutting mat and an X-acto knife. It is because I have read many of his articles and I hold him in very low esteem.


I hope more people on the Dissident Right seriously take up the collection and interpretation of news, opinions, reports, etc. For some of you, it would be a better use of your time than, for example, posting regularly and profusely on the same message boards day after day, year after year.

I've designed a tool to help with gathering and analyzing information. Sorry, no code yet, just the design. If you use this, or any other systematic approach, you might begin to see things. Not "Secret Knowledge," but knowledge (or well-based opinion) like that in Edgar A. Poe's story about the purloined letter. Knowledge that is right in front of you. You just need to learn to recognize it.

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Addendum, February 28, 2015:

Many secrets are protected by nothing stronger than the tectonic inertia of public inattentiveness and public indifference. Twelve years ago many people thought Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. And today we have prominent Democrats wailing about a manufactured crisis connected with the funding of the Homeland Security department, but Democrats are the ones who did the manufacturing.

Collecting information and writing up why you might disagree with "mainstream" opinion is an excellent exercise. That's what blogs are for!

None of the reasons I give in my above list of opinions are persuasive all by themselves. I've spent very little time on the Moon Landing, vaccination and global warming issues. I do know quite a bit more about Trayvon Martin and 9-11 than I get into above.

I guess what I'm getting at is this: Don't take "mainstream media" bullshit too seriously. Don't take my bullshit too seriously. Don't take your own bullshit too seriouosly. Be aware of the weakness in other people's arguments. Be aware of any weakness in your own.

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