Selma to Ferguson
March 17, 2015

We are fortunate that Selma, Alabama and Ferguson, Missouri are both in the news. Ferguson is where the march that began in Selma ended. The city of Ferguson is the true climax of the Civil Rights Movement.

In his speech commemorating the Selma march, President Obama blamed everything that happened in Ferguson on the police. There was a curious omission. Let's go back to Selma. There were marchers AND organizers. In Ferguson, we know there were protesters. But who was organizing them? If you have riots and demonstrations breaking out all over, wouldn't something like the U.S. Department of Justice want to know if some group or network was behind the turmoil?

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance posted an article summarizing the Justice Department's report on the Ferguson Police Department. There really are problems with the FPD, but Taylor concludes:

Is the Ferguson Police Department a model of by-the-book policing? Probably not. Is it a den of racists who spend on-duty time doing the complicated paperwork on arrests of blacks they know are innocent? Certainly not.
The main factor in Ferguson is the people who live there. Move a large number of poor, un-employed, un-educated black people into a town and it will go downhill. Move the same bunch into a town with a substantial number of successful, employed, educated black people and it will go downhill too.

Ferguson, Missouri became what it is due to actions by the Federal Government.

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Persons have characteristics. Populations have profiles, distributions of characteristics. The low end of the black population of the U.S.A. includes a higher percentage of criminally inclined individuals than the low end of the white population. The high end of the black population is noticeably less academically talented than the high end of the white population.

Is that due to discrimination and racism? Probably some of it is. Much of it is not. I doubt that any public policy could lead to black America and white America having the same profiles. Thus, America's perennially ill-defined holy grail of "equality" is impossible. We can be "equal" under the law, more or less, but that's about it.

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