Notes on Trump
September 12, 2015

NOTE: The Donald Trump candidacy has widespread support: from mainstream Republicans, from Tea Party members and from various factions of the Dissident Right. The August 31 issue of The New Yorker magazine has an article emphasizing this last group. ( "The Fearful and the Frustrated / Donald Trump's nationalist coalition takes shape--for now" by Evan Osnos, p. 50)

I don't recall any moment over the last four decades when "extremist white-rights groups" were so prominently featured in the coverage of a major presidential campaign. In the past, far-right guilt-by-association type connections were used to discredit some candidates. Now the enthusiasm of some Dissident Right groups for Trump has suckered a mainstream outlet into giving Dissident Right individuals and positions tons of free publicity. I'm sure web sites like American Renaissance, Virginia Dare and Counter Currents are now getting hundreds of new visitors.

I'm not going to do any serious commentary on the New Yorker article, but if you have your own blog, doing that would be a good exercise. As we would expect, the article is hostile to the far right, but it is still very much worth reading, studying and deconstructing. It signals the opening of a new season where critical responses by Dissident Right bloggers to "mainstream" opinion pieces will be more important than ever. (Read my Keyboard Warriors and Magicians for a few tips.)

We need to take our activism, keyboard and otherwise, to higher levels. We will need to sustain these levels even after the Republican Convention and even after the 2016 election.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you are or become involved in a serious, sustained effort to challenge the inane sentimentality, the misleading "facts" and the outright lies that circulate in our mainstream media, you should have a sophisticated system for gathering and making use of reports, articles, opinion pieces, etc. I discuss such a system in my articles Personal Intelligence Tool -- Philosophical and Technical Overview, Personal Intelligence Tool -- Record Description and Intelligence Networking Tool. Take a look!

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