Ta Ta For Now
May 20, 2015

I need to seriously scale back the amount of effort I put into writing new material for this site. I'll do site maintenance, organization, etc., from time to time and I might even post an essay once in a while or even occasional commentary about current events, but this activity will not be frequent. You can follow me on Twitter. Site activity is the only thing I tweet about, so that's one way you can find out about new stuff if you are interested.

Many of my posts have three related goals:

The main point is, I am doing outreach. I'm not just arguing with the already-converted.

These last 9 months have been pretty intense. I need a break and I'm taking one.


A recent "big issue of the week" has been the #WhiteLivesMatter controversy. Last Sunday there was a "community forum" in Westport, Connecticut. One speaker tried to justify the moral outrage at #WhiteLivesMatter but not #BlackLivesMatter by saying that White Lives Matter is our society's default presumption. It is if you live in Westport, but I wish the worthy white citizens of that town would follow VDare and American Renaissance for a few weeks and try to understand that for many white people of ordinary means, "#WhiteLivesMatter" is a sincere point, and not just a provocation to puritanically inclined liberal Republicans.

If you are already in the camp of race-realists, you might think about writing your own blog entry debunking the notion that #WhiteLivesMatter is some kind of social default presumption. Remember, you would be trying to reach people who have never been exposed to race-realist thinking.

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