White Millennial
April 29, 2015

Back around 1976 Michigan passed a bottle deposit law for carbonated beverages. Thousands of beer-swilling rednecks left the state in protest.

Just recently Michigan restored its helmet laws. Tens of thousands of bald, richly bearded motorcyclists hopped on their choppers and headed for the Ohio border.

A few years ago, a million or so senior citizens left the state of Michigan because they felt the state ban on open burning interfered with their freedom to burn their garbage as they saw fit.

Those were all lies. I've read so much bullshit about homosexual-related public policies that I needed to spread some of my own.

Of course any change in public policy could potentially prod a few people into leaving Michigan, some changes might entice a few people into moving here, but our state level public policies should focus on the desires, needs, opinions and sentiments of people who have been here a while and who plan on staying.

A recent opinion piece argues otherwise. ( Millennials in Michigan / Should I stay or should I go? by Kaitlyn Buss, The Detroit News, April 23, 2015, p. 1B.) Supposedly, millennials like gay-friendly legislation. If Michigan passes, for example, some extravagant expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, then millennials, even heterosexual millennials, will think, "Gosh, Michigan is soooo progressive and gay-friendly, I'd just love to move there, if it wasn't so effing cold in the winter."

The "gay politics good for business" idea has popped up in the Detroit papers a few times over the last year. See also my comments on a truly idiotic article by Cynthia J. Paskey. But let me call your attention to a idea you have never encountered in any American newspaper. "If we [DO or DON'T] pass [blah blah blah], white people will be offended and will move away." Why is that?

Has nothing happened over the last 50 years that might arguably offend American white people? "Affirmative action," diversity training, massive illegal immigration, the destruction of patriotic statues, the obscene pandering to black and Hispanic "activists," the riots, the murders. You are a white millennial. How is all this crap going to affect your life? The powers that be don't want you thinking about this.

The powers that be want you to internalize their notions of what they want you to be. You need to define yourselves. You need to establish your own circles of trust and maybe, in time, your own communities.

The great dream of diversity was idiotic from day one. We see the whole movement cracking up every day. Homosexuals may soon be granted a "right" to "marry" persons of the same sex, but they are killing any good will they might have accumulated over the past decades by acting like jack-booted thugs. (Bake me a cake, boy, quick as you can.)

Back in the '70s feminists were smart and sometimes good-looking. I don't know what they look like these days, but they are not at all smart. They don't even know what to protest. They go to meetings with effing duct-tape over their mouths. What is that supposed to mean? Do they think they are kewl?

Now black people are up in arms. Ferguson, Staten Island, North Charleston and now Baltimore.

2015 will turn out to be a year to be remembered. So follow a few alternative sources of news and commentary and enjoy these interesting times.


NOTE: I target much of my own writing to white people between the ages of 18 and 35. In fact, the name for my web site ( m3peeps.org ) was derived from the first major posting on it: Manifesto for the Peoples of the Third Millennium.

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