White Students at the University of Missouri: What you need to know, what you might do
November 14, 2015

White students at the University of Missouri need to know that events (or non-events) leading up to the current season of racial turmoil are part of a pattern that similar campus dramas have tended to follow since at least 1987.

I'm not sure what kind of social or political forces need to emerge from today's generation of college students and other young people. I believe it will involve white students openly acknowledging and organizing around their identity as white people. I believe a key to encouraging that sense of identity will be successful opposition to left-wing idiocy in American higher education. Neoconservatives have not done that. Tea party activists have not done that.

You have a chance to achieve a visible victory. First, collect and study all the information you can get about events and people associated with the University of Missouri protests. Then read about similar events at other institutions such as The University of Michigan or The University of Virginia.

All of this will be good background for any essays or blog entries you post on the Web or for any comment threads you might care to participate in. But such electronic activism by itself seldom results in any genuine, direct, on-the-ground, face-to-face human connection or organization.

You will need to talk directly with a lot of people in order to find a few who are sympathetic to your position AND willing to get together and plan for some kind of real-world action. Your school's football team has made that easy. If someone asks you if you're going to the game or if you've seen the game, say "No. If the team wants to play politics by threatening not to play football, then I can play politics by not going to their games."

It might not catch on really big, with a noticeable decline in game attendance. It might not catch on at all. But it will not cost much. If you don't end up with any organization, you still might find a few people with whom you can comfortably discuss racial politics. That could become even more important in the future than it is today. Race relations in America are not converging to any mutually satisfactory understanding between the black and white populations. They are diverging into stronger antagonisms. This is not happening for the sake of needy black people. This is happening to serve the interests of certain powerful and often rich individuals. The "solutions" always end up being things that don't help ordinary black people and that degrade the future of the white population.

Being in the vanguard of a new political force might be fun. More importantly, if white millennials do not wake up and see the forces working against them, then the future will own you, not the other way around.

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