Day of Reclamation v. Brown University
December 19, 2015

The Brown University Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion plan is still online. Students, faculty and staff may still enter their comments. No doubt, the harsh feelings brought on by the confrontations of the Day of Reclamation have subsided a little.

In all of the drama, one point gets overlooked. There is no good reason for Brown or Berkeley or any other university to spend 100 million dollars on "diversity and inclusion." When President Paxson tried to explain the university's position, she was shouted at and interrupted. What she saw, what confronted her was the true face of "diversity." I mean diversity the obsession, diversity the shibboleth, diversity the vast initiatives, not the simple fact that different people are different in many different ways, for good or for ill. President Paxson saw up close what universities have been sinking precious resources into for over a quarter of a century: The screaming idiots from Day of Reclamation. So after another 25 years of D&I and after billions and billions of dollars invested by Brown and other universities, America can have twice as many DOR types in mainstream institutions of higher learning, which seem to be characterized by the fact that they never learn.

If the bulk of the D&I money is spent over five years, that would be 20 million dollars per year. There are about 6200 undergraduates at Brown, so the D&I cash would be spent at a rate of about $3225.81 per student per year.

I don't know where that 100 million is coming from, but if that money went to tuition reduction, then many of you could leave Brown with a debt load lighter by $12,904.24.

I want you to think about that as a tradeoff. 100 million dollars for D&I, vs. $12.904.24 less debt for you and your classmates. You could pay off a house earlier, you could start a family earlier. How much is all of that D&I worth to you?

That is the conflict you should turn over in your mind, not the street theater games between the -- ha ha! -- brash, young radicals on one side and the beleaguered President Paxson on the other.

Do think about this. Talk to your friends.

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