Remote Post on 'Royall Asses' Thread Concerning Harvard Law School
December 17, 2015

I originally intended the following to be a comment on the " Dean Minow: Please restore order at our law school" thread on the "Royall Asses" web log. I tried twice, but my comments didn't get through, so here they are. (This is one of those cases where keyboard warfare degenerates into potentially endless nit-pick-ey rejoinders, so I can't promise anyone a good read.)

The opening post, on Dec. 3, was about a meeting to be held the next day. It anticipated some sort of disruption by Leftists and proposed some rules intended to keep things orderly.

Some recent instances of Leftist campus activism have indeed been disruptive and rude:

As far as I can tell from an account of the meeting in the Harvard Crimson, there were no actual disruptions, no "Brown Shirt" tactics. I still maintain that the protesters were presuming "a privilege to break the rules in order to foment discord and antagonism" but I admit that they managed the aftermath of their hoax with a commendable degree of decorum and civility. I expect nothing less from HLS students, even though I never apply that standard to myself.

None of that changes the fact that the triggering incident for all of this was a hoax. But what point was being made? If you change "veritas" to "caritas" and replace the wheat with something gluten-free, the Law School seal will still represent an institution that was established partly with money from the slave trade.

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