Remarks for Those Women at Smith College Who Are Not Reveling in Flagrant Insanity
December 5, 2015

The basic incidents that spurred a wave of protests in 2014 were stark. Michael Brown was killed by a bullet from a police officer's gun. Eric Garner died while being transported after his arrest. Freddie Gray died in the hospital about a week after being injured while in police custody. The officer who killed Brown was defending himself. Garner was in very poor health and had been resisting arrest. The black and white officers who were transporting Freddie Gray when he was injured have been charged with murder. I don't mean to recap the arguments and media coverage that followed those events. The basic events themselves were serious. Nobody can deny that.

Events that supposedly motivated this current season of protest at the University of Missouri were not serious. Insults hurled out of a car window -- O.K., I've been insulted (while out jogging) by white guys in a pickup truck. (Yes, I am white.) It is rude, it is wrong, it is bad manners, bad form and bad karma. It is not the end of the world. There is usually no need to involve the police, the media, university presidents, the United Nations or the Pope.

A fecal counter-clockwise-rotating whirling energy symbol is indeed some twisted shit, but it seems too laden with symbolism to the work of actual racists. What would they be trying to say? Actual racists would have spray-painted "KKK" all over the place. They would have damaged some property. When they aggress, there is nothing micro about it. Washable or unprovable offenses are the tradecraft of a dishonest but still delicate mind.

We can see that delicacy at work at Harvard, where some hoaxer placed easily removed strips of tape over some portraits of black professors. Seriously, a deranged racist would have used a tack hammer, not gaffer tape.

These days, things that might provoke our sympathy are often scripted theatrical events. We do not hear cries of people in pain, we hear calculated talking points.

You should pay attention to the political events on your campus. They can be silly classroom walkouts or phony press conferences over things happening (or not happening) 1500 miles away but there is a real possibility that the overall movement they are part of will affect your life one way or another. So take notes, go to a few meetings, talk to people, clip newspaper articles. Write up your thoughts from time to time and post them on your blog.

Things were dramatic in the late 1960s. After that, there were sporadic outbursts of campus activism. There was one at the University of Michigan in 1987.

Until now, there has never been a strong, organized resistance to all of the nonsense. The Leftists counted on getting their way and, when they made enough noise, they usually got it.

This is a pivotal moment. A large reaction is building up against phony hate crimes, phony claims of pain and injustice, and the idiotic "demands" based on these things.

Today's crop of Social Justice Warriors have no experience with being seriously opposed. When they finally run up against a wall of significant popular dissent, who knows what will happen. 2016 could turn out to be one heck of an interesting year.

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