$700 NFL Virtual Reality Diversity Goggles
April 20, 2016

What would the world look like when viewed through National Football League seven hundred dollar virtual reality diversity goggles? Not a fair question. You would be looking at something else.

The issue is not what you think or feel about women or minorities or homosexuals or members of any other category of otherness. The issue is what do the people who put the goggles on you think about you? What gives them any right to f**k with your mind? Why are they masters of reality, why are you their subject? Maybe the way they think about the way they think you think is the real bullshit in this whole equation.

Maybe your capacity for empathy is commendable. Maybe you are a problem to the powers and principalities of our age not because you empathy skills are inadequate, but because you are able to see the obvious actual reality in front of your eyes when you are not wearing the goggles.

Virtual Reality is sometimes called an "immersive environment." "Dip" can be a synonym for "immerse". If you are immersed in something, you are also dipped in it. Let that be your last thought before they put the goggles on you.

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Virtual Reality Tested by NFL as Tool to Confront Racism, Sexism by Marco della Cava, USA TODAY, April 10, 2016.

Virtual Reality Tested by NFL as Tool to Confront Racism, Sexism (Steve Sailer comments in VDare.com).

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