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George "Dubya" Bush starring in

picture of G.W.Bush, facing East,
	wearing a dunce cap, a crusader uniform
	on his body, cowboy chaps on his legs,
	holding a scroll in his right hand close
	to his body and, with his left arm extended,
	a cup in his left hand.  He is 
	riding on a giant worm.  The number 666
	is on his forehead.

Dunce Messiah,

a gripping tale of a spice-eating man to whom God himself has assigned the task of conquering vast stretches of desert in order to plunder the treasures buried underneath their sands, while at the same time balancing all the incredibly complicated nuances of interplanetary politics in a dangerous and devious galaxy.

Also starring Paul Wolfowitz as Baron Harkonen, a super-cute FoxNewsChick as The Navigator and Charles Krauthammer as a giant worm.

All next week on Weasel News, America's Number One choice for Very Unbalanced rabid war propaganda.

[Thanks to MoonDancer for the graphics!!]

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