Intelligence Networking Tool
April 18, 2014

(First read Personal Intelligence Tool -- Philosophical and Technical Overview for an introduction to PIT and Personal Intelligence Tool -- Record Description.)

The key political issue of our time is the struggle for white survival. I do not mean simply the continued existence of white people. I mean the existence of large areas where white people are dominant, proud, happy, prosperous, decent, intelligent and safe. Where we are not fighting with each other in the service of other peoples' agendas.

We certainly respect the right of people of other races to have similar feelings, but, obviously, two races cannot achieve such a goal in the same place.

Your participation in this struggle can take many forms. Some people write as if we are in an "endgame" stage. Some enemies glefully anticipate a time when old white people like me are all dead. Those still alive will supposedly then be living in a multicultural paradise, but I have my doubts. If you are young, you should have a few doubts of your own. Following media carefully, critically analyzing what people are exposed to, can help you develop these doubts. That is a good use of the PIT (Personal Intelligence Tool). A year of dilligently clipping relevant articles and recording appropriate information about the articles into a computer data base can change you from a casual sympathizer into a dedicated member of an invisible cadre. Of course, you would do more than just clip, but you get the idea.

We are really not in an "endgame" situation. We are just sitting down at the table and getting the pieces out of the box. At this stage of the struggle, the important distinction is not between words and action. It is between words that make a difference and words that don't. The differences we make at this point tend to be small. We still need to make them. Letters to the editor, blog entries, some posts on comment threads, and conversations with friends, acquaintences, bar buddies, etc., can help other people become aware of the struggle. Self-educational activities will help you do these things more effectively.

The aggregate effect of many small individual efforts can be noticible, like Shakespeare's "tiny atomies" pushing on a sail. But, given our present situation, it won't be enough of a difference unless individual efforts lead to organized efforts. So if you are putting forth a fair effort but you feel it isn't enough, your slogan should not be "get more data," it should be "find other people to work with."

It's a little bit like the music business. You can spend years not just developing your art but also meeting the right people -- fans, fellow artists, producers, collaborators, executives, etc. I confess, I have not done very well in this area, either musically or politically. If I were young, I'd . . . But I'm not, so I write up my ideas and put them on the web. Here they are. This is the best I can do. You need to do better.


When the Personal Intelligence Tool is used by the members of a (presumably small) group of people who get together weekly, perhaps, and discuss news, trends, obscure little nuggets, the latest propaganda, etc., it becomes, willy-nilly, an Intelligence Networking Tool. If you had the code for a PIT, you could modify in and turn it into a genuine network-based Intelligence Networking Tool (INT), which could be used by people who meet in person and by groups of people who do not meet in person. It would require logon IDs and passwords. Some of the fields, Comments especially, would have to allow input from different posters. I would seriously recommend that such a tool also include a chat room. People like to chat, but chatting tends to drift off-topic and the occasional well-thought comment gets burried in the chatter. So if you have some thought-out opinion or real information, that's a Comment. If a few drifty thoughts pop into your head, click the chat button and type away.

Ideally, the INT would be tied in with members' local PIT databases. A "share" command or button would upload a record into the group database.


The large message boards with hundreds of drifty, off-topic comments don't promote group cohesion. I believe a system like the Intelligence Newtorking Tool could help people develop some kind of small group identity. It could help people keep some focus on the huge issues of immigration and racial politics and related subjects and the overall issue of white survival. And it will enable the discovery of quirky little points that really do qualify as "intelligence."

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