Tomorrow Belongs To You
April 16, 2014

Before I cease to be,
A few words for posterity,
For the White youth of today,
For the White leaders of tomorrow.
What kind of world have people of my generation created for you?
What kind of life can you look forward to?
A life of servitude where you are expected to carry
The burden of other peoples' fantasies
In a world where you are taught to cower
Before the alters of other peoples' gods?
Does tomorrow really belong to you?
A few people of my generation believe
They have you completely snookered.
They think they have you all figured out.
They know your buttons and they push them.
You believe in kindness and decency.
They steal your birthright while
Constantly appealing to your kindness and decency.
You live according to law, they attack you through the courts.
You cherish your ideals,
They turn your idealism against you.
Then, when you enjoy, to the extent still possible,
The just fruits of your ideals, your respect for law,
Your kindness and decency,
Your labor and your intelligence,
They accuse you of ignorantly wallowing in White privilege.
Does tomorrow really belong to you?
You need to stand up!
You, singular, one person!
Take up the struggle.
Break the shackles of small-minded inoffensiveness
Your enemy tries to impose on your soul.
Every day, be a better person, a stronger person
Than you were the day before.
Learn how to talk back, fight,
Make friends, be a real man or a real woman.
Learn not to back down, not to apologize.
Learn to sing, learn to be White,
Learn to be true to your nature,
Your self, your people, your word.
Have faith in yourself, in your knowledge, in your decency,
In the decency of your people.
Cultivate a spirit of freedom
To learn, discuss, think, discover, know,
To build, have, go out and celebrate,
To create your own world.
Stand up, because tomorrow belongs to you.