Address to Community Forum
June 2, 2005

Western Michiganians must be hyper-sensitive. Not long ago, the administration of Grand Valley State University was discombobulated because a few errant College Republicans put on an Affirmative Action Bake Sale. Now the moguls of diversity in Ottawa County are affecting great consternation because a young man posted flyers announcing a "family picnic" for white people only. In response to that provocation, an outfit called Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance has organized a "community forum" for tonight, June 2, 2005. I had hoped to attend that forum and share my opinions with my fellow citizens, but I finally decided that the drive would be too far, so I'm simply posting my prepared remarks here.

We are here because a few white people have decided to do what tens of millions of white people do every year -- have a picnic with other white people. Why is that such an act of brazen defiance against the social order that a "community forum" must be held?

Other races and ethnicities have their mass gatherings. Who complains? I've seen news segments on TV about something called a "Black Family Reunion." I don't see any problem with that. A bunch of black people get together with other black people and have a big picnic. Who could possibly object?

Why is there such a great objection now when white people do the same thing? Why does young Professor Toppen busy himself -- quote -- "contacting educators, city leaders, churches, and business owners to come up with a way to drown out the whites-only voice and message." -- unquote --. My goodness, he left out the United Nations and the National Guard! They, too need to know about these things, don't they?

Seriously, why does this crusader for "diversity" make it his job to "drown out" anyone's voice? The guy who did more than anyone else to popularize the concept of "diversity" was Justice Louis Powell of the United States Supreme Court. Powell wrote that diversity contributed to a "robust exchange of ideas." That sounds fine, but if the "diversity" people are going to "drown out" voices they don't like, what is the point?

This is interesting. Professor Joel Toppen belongs to the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, which is connected to something called the Lakeshore Institute for Healing Racism, which offers courses -- quote -- "formatted to promote the sharing of feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives among a diverse group of people." -- unquote --. Interesting indeed. We white people are allowed to share "feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives" when we are part of a "diverse group" assembled to cure us of our racism. But if we gather with other white people to share "feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives," we suddenly become criminals. My, my. Thinking our own thoughts without adequate supervision. Someone call the diversity police!

Unfortunately, America faces some serious problems that can only be solved by white people organizing and acting politically to serve their interests as white people. The Mexican invasion is one such problem. Another is the weird, unhinged, unlimited obsession with affirmative action and so-called diversity in our colleges, universities, government agencies at all levels and in the boardrooms of global corporations. Diversity isn't the frosting on the cupcake, it is the eye at the apex of the pyramid, it is the axiom of the new order of the ages.

What happens with "diversity" might very well be the most significant factor in determining the character of the Twenty-first Century. And yet, whenever the subject comes up, white people are supposed to back up, give ground, be agreeable, compromise, understand the other person and grant legitimacy to other people's complaints. We are, in other words, expected to be nice, docile white people and never, never publicly or even privately admit that we, as white people, have a serious collective interest in countering a great many of the things now being done in the name of "diversity." We are supposed to ignore changes to our neighborhoods, changes to our colleges and universities, changes to our political system, and changes to our culture. Whenever someone says, "Diversity!" we are supposed to go to the back of the room and listen politely while "diverse voices" proclaim their priceless contributions to our existence.

If we white people fail to act collectively in our own interests, our existence will be finite, as will be the existence of the United States of America as we have grown to know and love it.

If the Joel Toppens of the world want to wallow in racial guilt, let them. Who cares? The rest of us can stand up and defend our interests, and if such defense requires radical measures, such as putting on picnics, then we will take such measures to secure our future.

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Addendum, June 8, 2005:

WZZM13 ONLINE carried this account of the community forum on June 3.

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