Collective Right Thinking: A Message to Anti-racist White People
April 21, 2005

[This is about a controversy stirred up at the University of Mississippi over an ad placed by American Renaissance in the student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian. See Mississippi Inflamed . . . for background, more links and additional commentary.]

Imagine three situations, each involving a country that is half Catholic and half Protestant.

Situation 1: The Catholics all think, "Protestants are evil, we must destroy them!" The Protestants all think, "Catholics are evil, we must destroy them!"

Situation 2: The Catholics all think, "Protestants have some odd beliefs and their services are weird, but we accept them as fellow Christians." The Protestants all think, "Catholics have some odd beliefs and their services are weird, but we accept them as fellow Christians."

Situation 3: The Catholics all think, "Protestants are evil, we must destroy them!" The Protestants all think, "Catholics have some odd beliefs and their services are weird, but we accept them as fellow Christians."

In Situation 1, one side or the other might dominate or even exterminate the other, but some level of violence is inevitable. In Situation 3, the Protestants will be wiped out. In Situation 2, Protestants and Catholics can live together peacefully.

The point of this little exercise is: the only difference is how people think. If race relations in America were somehow converging towards something like Situation 2, then, who knows, maybe everything would be peachy. And, of course, if we were actually living in something like Situation 2, then it would be morally as well as politically incorrect to stir up hostility, by, just for example, emphasizing issues that might better be left alone. The lunatic who strides into your student café crying, "Racial differences!! Racial differences!!" while everyone else is enjoying a pleasant multicultural coffee hour would have to be severely criticized. When people are already Thinking Right and living in peace as a consequence, it is wrong to try to tip them into states of hostility.

Unfortunately, race relations in America seem to be much more like Situation 3. White people are supposed to be righteously anti-racist, and many white people sincerely are, as is obvious from reading many posts on The Daily Mississippian and the remarks of guest posters on AmRen, but other groups -- blacks, Mexicans, Arabs, etc. -- are encouraged to assert their group identity in order to further their group interests. Many of the Mexicans, by the way, aren't "Hispanic." They are Indians. Many do not even speak Spanish! They have been unable to join the mainstream of Mexican society. But they do assert groups interests in many ways. They are part of La Raza (the race) and their migrations are part of La Reconquista.

I'm not going to elaborate at length here, but this is the fundamental difference, I believe, between anti-racist white people and pro-white activists, AmRen posters, etc. You think we are in a Type 2 situation, we think it's Type 3. Some pro-white people, by the way, really are racists, according to conventional usage of that word. Others are "racist" only according to some abstract definition that would embrace 99.9 percent of all humans now alive. These fine distinctions are important. I don't want to encourage anyone to become conventionally racist. I simply urge my fellow white people to become pro-white in pretty much the same way that black people can be pro-black, Koreans can be pro-Korean, people from the island of Lesbos can be pro-Lesbian, etc., etc. I know, many white people would regard my position as evil, and that's part of the problem.

The information that might lead one to view American race relations as Type 3 tends not to be reported in media or taught in classes. Thus, the "Type 3" believers might seem to be ignorant, ill-informed, etc., when the actual case could be exactly the opposite.

I'd like to suggest an exercise for anti-racist white people reading this. Every week night, American Renaissance posts a batch of excerpts of news articles which readers can comment on. Read some of the excerpts, some of the full articles which are linked to, but avoid the comments. Do this for two weeks. Do some of the stories point to a "Type 3" situation? You might not come to agree with that perspective, but you would almost certainly find some interesting things to think about.


I noticed several things reading through comments posted at the Daily Mississippian as well as on AmRen threads. First, posters who seem to be leftists tend to accuse the DM staff of deliberately printing the ad, either as a way of promoting AmRen type thinking, or "for the sake of a little excitement." Pro-AmRen posters, who are often enough right-wingers of one sort or another, tend to regard the DM staff as a bunch of leftists.

I'd like to offer an alternative to both views. I'm not close enough to the situation to research this idea, so it's pure speculation, but it might be worth considering. Perhaps the ad was deliberately printed by neo-conservatives who wanted to distance themselves from pro-white segments of the right. After all, the person ultimately responsible for defending America, the person who has thunderously sworn to "Defend America, every time!" is the person who is consistently and deliberately failing to defend the southern border of the U.S.A.

Yes, I'm talking about George W. Bush. I believe people in the upper circles of the Republican Party have a "Hispanic Strategy," a long term plan to own the Hispanic vote in the same way that the black vote is owned by the Democrats. If they don't mind murdering 100,000 Arabs for the sake of Haliburton, why wouldn't they mind importing 20 million "Hispanics" so they can stay in office? If white people wake up to this gigantic, treasonous fraud, it's "Good bye, Republicans, hello Hillary!" in 2008. That's all speculation, but this is fact: AmRen really is up against some powerful interests.


Obviously, there has been some vile spewing going on over this whole affair. Thank heavens, both the DM and AmRen have moderators! Alas, moderation didn't catch the hateful drivel written by DM staff reporter Michael Patronik, who called Jared Taylor a "modern-day-Dr. Mengele." Then there was a charming poster, I don't recall which side he was on, but he referred to another poster as a "yeast infection." That guy is definitely in the wrong zone; someone needs to guide his flight back to FrontPage Magazine, where he can happily scream among his fellows.

All of that aside, many of the anti-AmRen posters did display something of real intelligence and real decency. It is you I am addressing in this essay. I disagree with you, but I respect you. If you read some of the stories posted on AmRen, you might still disagree with me, but you would begin to understand that my positions are not the product of hatred or ignorance.

I'm old enough to be cynical. When I read about millions of Mexicans pouring over our borders, I don't think about the delights of diversity, I see, over the next 30 years or so, the Death of a Nation. The Indian nations endured painful deaths at the hands of European invaders. We American white people are eternally stained with the guilt of that conquest, but our suicide could not atone for it. These lands belong to us now. It is our duty to defend them.

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