'Human Events' Kisses Butt of Stalinist Poverty Law Center
June 11, 2005

In January of this year, Kevin Lamb, managing editor of Human Events was fired after his bosses got a few phone calls from the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center. Lamb's offense was being an editor, on his own time, for The Occidental Quarterly. The controversial character of that publication can be understood from two items on its "Statement of Principles," which you can see in full by clicking on the above link:

2. Race informs culture; it is the necessary precondition for cultural identity and integrity. In 1950 whites represented 30 percent of the world's population. If current trends persist, this number will plummet to 8 percent by 2050. In the United States, whites are projected to become a minority of the national population in less than fifty years. The result will impoverish not only their descendants but the world in general and will jeopardize the civilization and free governments that whites have created.
3. America is part of the West, and as both a political and cultural order, is not "based on a creed" or "derived from a proposition." America is neither a "universal nation" nor an "experiment" concocted by ideologues. America is the unique and irreplaceable product of centuries of specific racial, historical, and cultural identities. America and its cultural and political identity will endure only so long as the identities that created it and sustain it endure, and when they die, America will die. We do not wish this to happen and will work to ensure it does not.
I pretty much agree with those points and with the other items on the statement. I might expound on a few quibbles on some other occasion. But the stunning fact of politics in this year, 2005, is that those statements are "controversial."

Maybe that isn't the right word. "Controversy" suggests a public clash of opinions. Those who are working to destroy the "cultural and political identity" of America, and thus America itself, want their anti-white views (which they call "anti-racist") to be accpted as incontrovertible truth. Thus, they work sedulously and insidiously to prevent public expression of views fundamentally contrary to their own.

I do not know which is more shameful: The SPLC's effort to get Lamb fired, or the acquiescence of the management of Human Events. Of course, they do have the "right" to fire editors at their pleasure. But when they do so capriciously, caving in to a left-wing pressure group, we have a right to heap upon them the scorn and contempt they deserve. This is sad. I used to subscribe to Human Events. A friend of mine had a subscription back in the early '60s. Oh, well....


Lamb's loss of his job could be a serious personal setback for him, but this incident could also forward the movement that The Occidental Quarterly is part of. We can wonder about outside forces that may have been involved in Joe Sobran's dismissal from National Review. We can protest the ideas that led the Washington Times to get rid of Samuel Francis. But here we see a supposedly "conservative" publication taking its racial rectitude cues from an outfit that is completely outside of anything that might be called conservative.

We also have, in full view, the total creepiness of the SPLC itself. They pore over numerous sources to find things they don't agree with, then they work to ruin the livelihoods of persons connected with such material. As a side note, just imagine SPLC-type ideologues running the U.S.A. with the full power of the "Patriot Act" at their disposal! I, of course, would completely approve of such a paradise, comrade fellow citizen! ;)

We are also forced to pause and think about what it means when association with a moderate, scholarly publication like TOQ can get someone fired. If any opposition, no matter how moderately or precisely stated, to the browning of the mind of America into a burgoo crock of multi-cultural sentimentalities, is beyond the pale of acceptable discourse, we are in serious trouble. It is undeniable: We are in a struggle for the soul of America. For now, the Thought Police are winning.

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For an example of the kind of well-written, politicly serious, downright vital material to be found in TOQ, read The Case of Victor Davis Hanson: Farmer, Scholar, Warmonger by F. Roger Devlin (TOQ, Vol 3 No 4, Winter, 2004). It's one of the most amazing things I've read in a long time.

Information in my article is taken from an account by Kevin Lamb published in Middle American News. There is a discussion thread about the Human Events/Southern Poverty Law Center affair on American Renaissance.

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