Web Log, Volume Two
July 21, 2005

Michigan Civil Rights Initiative: Will Democracy Fail?
I discuss potentially serious consequences should the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative fail to appear on the 2006 ballot

Frank Wu, Dean of Wayne State University Law School and Crypto-Proportionalist
A polemic against Frank Wu, Dean of the Wayne State University Law School, for his assinine opinion piece in the Detroit Free Press.

Illinois Governor Blagojevich and the Fallacy of Racial Disparity
A press release from the office of Illinois Governor Blagojevich illustrates the financial motivation behind the bad logic of going from "disparity" to "discrimination" without any evidence.

hOOks kOOks 'n' spOOks
Quirky comments, from a magical perspective, on Professor of English bEll hOOks.

'Human Events' Kisses Butt of Stalinist Poverty Law Center
I deplore the decision of the newspaper 'Human Events' to fire, at the urging of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an editor because of his association with 'The Occidental Quarterly.'

The Proportionalist Subtext in Hennessy, Hockfield and Tilghman's Statement Inspired by the Summers Controversy
A few remarks on how females in academia are cashing in on an unstated proportionalist premise.

Sow a Hate Crime, Reap an Institute
An article critical of the Gonzaga Institute for Action Against Hate and its proposal to establish 'hate studies' as an academic discipline.

Address to Community Forum
A short address I considered giving at a community forum in Grand Haven, Michigan. But I live on the other side of the state and the drive was too far, so I'm just posting it here.

White Voices of America vs. Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance
An instance of pro-white flyering has brought to light yet another weird diversity group.

Apotheosis of Bigotry: Timothy Shortell at Brooklyn College
A vigorous polemic against a stupid, anti-religious bigot.

The Racial Politics of Crossroads Ministry at Guilford County Schools in North Carolina
Sarcastic remarks about the anti-racist racket going on in the Guilford County, North Carolina school district.

Occam's Gaslight
A few odd thoughts about conspiracy theories, plus a few odd links.

Ann Coulter Counters Disruptive Creeps at the University of Texas in Austin
An account of leftist disruption of a speech by Ann Coulter at the University of Texas in Austin stimulated some reminiscences of my own encounters with disruptive political tactics.

White and Gay: Nightclub Liberation
An essay encouraging gay white people to become involved in pro-white politics.

Zebraphobia in the History Department of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
A polemic against members of the History Department at SIUC (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), who attacked their colleague Jonathan Bean because he listed an account of the Zebra Killings as optional reading for one of his classes.

Alicia Hardin at Trinity International University
The recent incidents at Trinity International University are part of a larger pattern. This page has a few links for students.

Deconstructing Tim the Wise Guy
A deep analysis of Tim Wise and his theories of white privilege.

Collective Right Thinking: A Message to Anti-racist White People
Some thoughts prompted by the American Renaissance/Daily Mississippian controversy of April, 2005.

Mississippi Inflamed . . .
The student newspaper at the University of Mississippi is thrown into a flaming turmoil by an advertisement that questioned the value of 'diversity' for white people.

Message to the Grand Valley College Republicans About the Bake Sale
Thoughts about the College Republicans at Grand Valley State University in Michigan replacing their officers and apologizing for offending people by putting on an affirmative action bake sale.

Sather Gate Hallucination: Birgeneau at Berkeley
A satiric piece lambasting the pompous baloney spouted by UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau on the subject of a so-called 'diversity crisis.'

Columbia High and the Farce of Proportionalism
Analysis and commentary concerning recent racial activism at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey.

I Fear Washington More Than Death
Short remarks on death, public policy and culture.

Why I Blog
My personal view of web logging and the beginning of a look at how it might enhance collective intelligence.

The White Blogger's Burden
Personal anecdotes about political diversity in the '60s along with a few cheap shots at a stupid article about blogging by Newsweek editor Steven Levy.

Well-Tempered Guilt
A meditation on the subjects of national and racial guilt and national and racial survival.

Introduction to the N Plus One Web Log
A brief statement of my thoughts about blogging along with an explanation of how I picked the name for this blog.

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