Introduction to the N Plus One Web Log
February 12, 2005

As with many web logs, N + 1 is a platform for short writings, often prompted by articles posted on other web sites, etc. I kept up an unnamed web log last year from late August until November. It was a good experience. I could often decide on something to write about in the morning and have something posted by the afternoon. That allowed me to keep the amount of scattered little notes about things to a minimum. At the same time, I wasn't constantly up against the strenuous demands of an essay. I also learned that seriously blogging for a few months is a good "warm up" for a more ambitious writing project such as the essay I wrote in December: A White College Student's Guide to Political Activism.

I've had a heck of a time trying to come up with a catchy name for my blog. I have my own perspectives on things. Essentially, that is why I blog: to explicate those perspectives. I'm neither "neoconervative" nor "paleoconservative" nor "liberal." I regard myself as a true multiculturalist, a supporter of true diversity. I respect my own identity as a white person. I firmly believe in moral relativism -- even the basic issues of human morality have slightly different definitions in different societies. That doesn't mean I can go over there and act like I do here, or vice versa, it just means that we should mind our own business and let other societies mind theirs. I detest all forms of political universalism. I think absolutism is inane. I don't want to rule the world. I don't want anyone ruling the world.

I'm neither "third position" nor "fourth position." My affectation is: for any position N, I take the N + 1 position, thus the name of my blog.


Organization Note: I've decided to organize my blogging into "volumes." "Volume One" of my "N Plus One" web log is my old blog; the index page for it (blog/blog.htm) has been edited to reflect that designation. This "introduction" is the first entry of what will be known as "Volume Two" once I have thirty or forty or fifty or so entries in it. Then I'll start putting new things in a new directory, which, at some point, will become "Volume Three," and so on.

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Addendum, May 27, 2006:

A while back I learned that someone else had used the "N+1" concept before I started using it. Having two "N+1" logs on the web is, in my opinion, doubleplusungood, so I have removed most references to "N+1" from my my earlier blog postings. See End of N + 1, Etc. for further comments. Hey, if I can control the past, I can control the future, right? ;)

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