Well-Tempered Guilt
February 14, 2005

We humans can be nasty critters and the societies we form can be nasty aggregations of nastiness. Still, just as individuals need some sense, however undeserved, of personal righteousness, we have some collective need to believe in the goodness of our societies.

Contrary to the words of Abraham Lincoln, our nation was not "conceived in liberty," it was drenched in the blood of those we slaughtered in order to make room for ourselves. True, some of them were savages according to any reasonable definition of that word, but we white Americans should never forget how we got here. We should not deny the reality of the past with pleasant talk about "bringing Western Civilization to a new continent." The fact is this: The Great North American Race War lasted over 300 years. White people won.

These days, conservatives regard the '60s as the culmination of a "civil rights movement." It would be more accurate to regard that decade as the beginning of Race War Two. That was the beginning of mass immigration of non-white people into the U.S.A. That was the beginning of white flight out of our central cities. That was the beginning of "affirmative action." That was the beginning of many trends that allowed a president of the United States to brag about the projection that by the year 2050, white people will be a minority in this country. Those same trends allow the current U.S. president to brag about all the things he does to "defend America, every time!!" while he does absolutely nothing to protect us from the ongoing invasion of our territory by non-white people across our southern border.


These musings have been triggered by recent publicity concerning leftist professor Ward Churchill. Shortly after 9-11, he wrote Some People Push Back, which is for the most part an ordinary sort of leftist rant against America and white people in general. The thing that released a great flash flood of outrage was Churchill's reference to the victims of 9-11 as "little Eichmanns." That outrage has precipitated a great backwash of commentary from the left. What I find interesting is that both left-wingers and right-wingers, although they are talking past each other as usual, are making some valid observations.

The left-wing web site that hosts Churchill's essay is primarily devoted to selling radical buttons and tee-shirts, but it also includes comments such as:

I don't blame people for being upset at what Ward Churchill has to say. A part of the problem is Churchill's polemical style, which can feel like a slap in the face. A part of the problem is the undeniably wrong statement that those who died in the WTC attacks were "little Eichmanns" - although it must be pointed out that in a subsequent statement he qualified this.

But i would argue that a much greater part of the problem is the message he bears, one which may seem ruthless, but which is far less so than the daily crimes of the U.S. around the world.

Unfortunately, that seems to be a fair point. In an article in counterpunch, left-winger Alexander Cockburn asks,
Why should Churchill apologize for anything? Is it a crime to say that chickens can come home to roost and that the way to protect American lives from terrorism is to respect international law?
I suppose Churchill should apologize for the "Eichmann" thing, but otherwise, Cockburn makes a fair point.

Weighing in from the right on the issue, we have Don Feder's Ward Churchill: Useful Idiot from FrontPage magazine.com. Feder writes:

Speech codes are ruthlessly employed to suppress dissent. It's safer to burn Old Glory at an American Legion convention than it is to say any of the following on the average college campus: Affirmative action is wrong; slavery was not a uniquely American sin; homosexuality isn't genetically determined; there are psychological as well as physical differences between men and women, etc.
I really can't quibble much with that. Also in FrontPage mag, David Horowitz writes:
For nearly thirty years conservative candidates for university faculties have been informally blacklisted and conservative students discouraged from pursuing academic careers, through constant derogation and political harassment in the classroom.
(from Reforming Hamilton U. in the Wake of Ward Churchill).

Basically, I think everyone has good reason to feel guilty.


I advocate pro-white politics primarily because I don't want white people to lose a Race War Two. If we are smart, there won't be any "war." The skirmishes now underway will fade into insignificance and white people will dominate all of North America north of the Rio Grande for the next thousand years. I also believe that white racial feelings are a potential source of the strength we need to counter both the insanely aggressive policies of our current neo-con government, for which Horowitz and Feder are cheerleaders, and the America-bashing and white-bashing academic left where the likes of Ward Churchill flourish.

We can begin by cultivating a right attitude, a frame of mind that might help us find solutions. The right attitude towards the issues brought up in the great Ward Churchill controversy is what I call well-tempered guilt. There are very few people on earth whose presence in some area is completely unconnected with murderous deeds of the past. White people have attacked and been attacked by non-white people for thousands of years. For the last 500 years or so, white people have tended to be the winners. But complete focus on the crimes of white people or of white Americans can make us feel unworthy. If we are a plague upon the earth, shouldn't we simply stop reproducing? Should we work for world peace by mating only with members of other races?

No. We must temper our guilt with the knowledge that most human groups have had violent phases over the course of history. Consider the peaceful Tibetans, as portrayed in the beautiful, sad movie Kundun. Many centuries ago, they were the fiercest, most cruel people in all of Asia.

I don't advocate "white pride." I take a more existential approach. The white race has its share of fiends as well as saints. We have inflicted and endured many bloodbaths over the course of history. We've stopped some and set others in motion.

Because we have such a hard time facing the truth without becoming demoralized, we are now the incredible shrinking race. We can begin to reverse this trend by adopting a simple truth as our motto: We exist.

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Addendum, June 8, 2005:

Rocky Mountain News just published a rather critical investigative series on Ward Churchill.


Addendum, October 2, 2005:

For anyone interested in the general question of "white guilt," Lawrence Auster's recent FrontPage magazine.com article Guilty Whites is a "must read."


Addendum, October 19, 2005:

Here is a recent letter to VDare.com that touches on the guilt issue: A Lady Reader Supports VDARE.COM But Asks For Self-Examination; Peter Brimelow Replies.


Addendum, February 21, 2007:

For another interesting take on the whole "guilt" issue, see the VDare.com article Jean Raspail -- Our Cassandra by Jonathan Chaves, Professor of Chinese at The George Washington University in Washington D.C.

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