White Voices of America vs. Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance
May 29, 2005

My first thought concerning anything that calls itself an "alliance" is: Who is their enemy? Who are they allied against?

Our first clue, anent the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, is a link from the main page of their web site to a page for the Institutes for Racial Healing, described as "an initiative of the Ottawa area Summit on Racism." The institute offers a course

. . . formatted to promote the sharing of feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives among a diverse group of people. The dialogue seeks to dismantle racism and begin healing this disease infecting Americans. The Institute is appropriate for public schools, social service agencies, law enforcement and local government, faith congregations, and the business community.
Who do you suppose needs this "healing?" Minorities? People of color? Oh, no, I wouldn't think so. White people? Of course! They need to internalize the "feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives" of the "diverse" ones, while their own "feelings, thoughts, experiences and perspectives" are deconstructed and unmasked as symptoms of the racism disease.

Our second clue as to the target of the "alliance" is in the fact that groups such as "Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony" and "Latin Americans United for Progress" collaborate with it in putting on the "healing" course. (Latin Americans in Ottawa County? When did that start?) We also note some of the links on the main page and on the "healing" page are to things like Fair Housing Initiative, Migrant Mentor Program and Calling All Colors. Why would the white people of Ottawa county need or even want these things?

We have one more clue. A small organization called "White Voices of America" put up some flyers "calling for a whites-only family picnic and political discussion." (Whites-only group looking to recruit members, www.woodtv.com, May 24, 2005) The flyers provoked LEDA member Joel Toppen to contact "educators, city leaders, churches, and business owners to come up with a way to drown out the whites-only voice and message."

We may now conclude: the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance is an alliance against white people. It finances itself, in part, at least, by putting on "racial healing" courses that spread its anti-white message. Let me be blunt. There is no "healing" to be accomplished. I have just as much right as any other citizen of the U.S.A. to assert an ethnic or racial identity. Either we all have that right, or none of us have that right. That is a fundamental, philosophical kind of unity, a very basic assertion of equality. In other words, if significant non-white ethnic or racial groups are organized to further their specific interests or assert claims against the white majority, then the white majority is entirely within its rights to assert its own identity, to further its own interests and to organize to counter the claims placed against it. We, the white majority, do not need anyone's permission to do this. A few of us white people still remember who we are, and a few touchy-feely diversity courses will not change that fact.

American white people are starting to wake up. Joel Toppen might be able to "drown out the whites-only voice and message" for a while, but he will soon find himself screaming against a tsunami.

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For additional commentary, see the discussion thread about White Voices of America on the American Renaissance web site.

Addendum, June 9, 2005:

On June 2, LEDA held a "community forum" where various interests got together and made statements against WVOA. I planned on attending and delivering some prepared remarks, but, ultimately, I decided it was too long of a drive. The remarks are in my blog entry: Address to Community Forum.

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