Web Log, Volume Three
August 5, 2008

Central Michigan University Hate Crime Noose Links
A few links from late July, early August, 2008.

Thoughts for the White Students of Central Michigan University Concerning the 'Noose' Incident
Ideas and links to information relating to the Central Michigan University (CMU) 'noose' incident.

The 'Jena Six': Links and Comments
Why this issue is significant.

Horror and Significance: Thoughts About Tim Wise and Knoxville
A few thoughts about the significance of the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, Tennessee and of the media coverage of those crimes and about Tim Wise's response to related commentary on the American Renaissance web site.

Critical Thinking, Diversity and the White High School Students of Kent County
A few remarks for high school students in Kent County who are soon to experience the joys of 'diversity training.'

Intelligence, Courage and Democracy
A few remarks about an annoyingly stupid article by Mort Kondracke

Globalism and Right Thinking
I take a relativistic view of 'right thinking' and apply it to the idea of educating public school students for 'global citizenship.'

Outline for the Future
I think the United States of America should be run by a relatively small, altruistic, all-white ruling class.

One Bad Idea
An MLK Day speech critical of the concept, 'one world, one family.'

'Critical Mass' and Creeping Idealism
Some thoughts on the progression of 'ideals' from colorblindness to diversity to 'critical mass' to proportionalism.

Challenging the Concept of White Privilege
Comments on a stupid review by Richard Gonzales of a stupid book by Robert Jensen about the utterly stupid concept of 'white privilege.'

Propaganda Analysis: Suggestions to Students Concerning Israel's Attack on Lebanon
Sometimes it is possible to gain insight into a conflict by analyzing the propaganda created to support one side of it.

Ideology and Communist Utopia
Why I think a communist utopia might be a real possibility, at least for some people.

Denise D. Denton and Sarah Goddard Power
A possibly significant similarity between the deaths by suicide of Denise D. Denton and Sarah Goddard Power

End of N + 1, Etc.
The reason I stopped calling my blog 'n+1' and a few thoughts about writing.

To the Mothers of the Students of St. Edmund's Prep Who Were Assaulted by Students of Marine Park Middle School
Who has the right to grant forgiveness and under what circumstances should it be granted?

Frank Wu's Racial Fantasy
Thoughts triggered by The Fourth Annual Nancy Cantor Distinguished Lectureship on Intellectual Diversity, delivered by Frank Wu, Dean of the Wayne State University Law School.

Selected Quotations for the Ideological Skeptic
Links to Free downloadable PDF books by Laird Wilcox.

Tim Wise and Satan and Purses Against the Empire
Some thoughts triggered by comments on a White Nationalist web site concerning an article by Tim Wise where he criticizes two Texas high school girls for taking purses decorated with 'Confederate Flag' imagery to school with them.

Elena Guajardo, Racismphobia and Suicide in San Antonio
Thoughts relating to the suicide of George Dickerson two days ago in San Antonio, Texas.

Martin Luther King Day, Milford High School and Racial Sentimentality
Reflections on Martin Luther King Day as celebrated in my home town of Milford, Michigan.

Speech for Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 2006
A contrarian MLK Day speech. I make a point that should be obvious: racial differences are real.

Fleurette King and the Diversity Monorail: Mind Control in Milford
Fleurette King, a professional 'diversity' specialist, is coming to my home town of Milford, Michigan on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to give a talk. I use the occasion of her visit to comment on the 'diversity industry' she is part of.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and the Failure to Differentiate
I take St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman to task for a truly inane remark he made about 'inclusion.'

Nancy Cantor and Diversity, from Syracuse to Sydney
Nancy Cantor has been spouting the same drivel about 'diversity' for years. My article, written in the spirit of an intellectual mission of mercy, is intended to correct some of her erroneous ideas.

I use the word 'blogaganda' to describe how independent, small-time bloggers can forward worthy causes by helping to direct additional traffic to major web sites and also to bring some of their ideas to wider audiences.

John Bolton and the 'Dual Loyalty Canard'
If John Bolton is a 'defender of Israel,' can we trust him to be loyal to the United States of America?

Diversity vs. Proportionalism at Hennigan Elementary
A few comments on an article about racial percentages in 'advanced classes' in Boston elementary schools.

What If They Get Their Way?
Some thoughts triggered by the disruption of a meeting of the Michigan Board of Canvassers by a rather vile leftist group known as BAMN ('By Any Means Necessary').

Vaginas and Racial Reality
I use a controversy at the University of Michigan concerning a production of 'The Vagina Monolouges' to cast some light on a few realities of racial difference and racial politics.

University of Michigan Youth Intergroup Dialogue Brainwashing Project
I decry the fact that the University of Michigan is employing persuasion techniques more appropriate for a religious cult than for a publicly funded university.

Rosa Parks and the Commies
A few thoughts about Rosa Parks.

Hate Studies Training Day
A few links and comments for people considering a systematic study of hatred.

Authority, Nationalism and 'The Sound of Music'
I use some of the themes occurring in the movie 'The Sound of Music' to cast light on contemporary politics and culture.

Context, Morality and Racial Oblivion
A short essay about Nazis, Stanly Milgram, my Basic Combat Training experiences, propaganda and the current situation of American white people.

Melvin Watt and the Voting Rights Act
Racially conscious politics is a game that any race can play.

The Color of Money and Crime at Cornell
A few thoughts on racial incidents on the campuses of Cornell, the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia.

Citizenism v. White Nationalism: Reform or Revolution?
Further thoughts relating to the on-going debate between Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor.

The End of Academic Freedom
I argue that academic freedom, as it is now understood, should be abolished.

Hi! I'm Your Intellectual!
My thoughts about how pro-White intellectual types relate to the general issue of White solidarity.

Deja UVA: Racist Incidents at the University of Virginia
I outline my reasons for thinking that recent 'racist incidents' at the University of Virginia may have been staged for political reasons.

Victor Davis Hanson: Hero-worshiping Whackjob Paranoid Warmonger
An analysis of Hanson's rejoinders to some of his critics.

Welcoming Address to the White Students of the Class of 2009
If I could get up and give a speech to all of the white stuents entering college this year, this is what I would say.

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