Web Log, Volume Four
November 10, 2010 through December, 2014

Spartan Chicks Can't Read
A few women at Michigan State University want to punish columnist George Will for something he didn't write.

Ted Strickland, Former Governor of Ohio, Canonizes Michael Brown
It doesn't take much these days to become a Civil Rights Hero.

Dolls In Science
Thoughts about human nature, gender differences, women in science and, of course, dolls.

Education Standards Are Necessarily Political
A rejoinder to an editorial piece by the executive director of the National Association of State Boards of Education.

Leonard Pitts Jr. Ferguson Hurtlocker
Analysis of comments made by Leonard Pitts Jr. concerning the Ferguson race riots.

Leonard Pitts Jr. Denies War on White People
The Leonard Pitts Jr. opinion piece where he denies the existence of any 'war on white people' actually illustrates the nature of the war as it is now being fought.

There Is No War On White People Mr. Page
A few comments on the No 'war on whites' article by Clarence Page.

Brooks Patterson, You Are Old and Senile -- Get Lost!
A rude but well-meant criticism of the Michigan Republican Establishment.

Immigration Obamageddon
A call for Congressional Investigation.

Compassion My Ass
Yes, we should be compassionate up to a point, but we cannot let national policy be driven by idiotic sentimentality.

Hey, Girls! Learn Computer Programming!
A short example of computer programming meant to encourage girls and anyone else to find out if they might really like to learn it.

Gay Marriage Talking Points

Restoring Integrity to College Debate

Is NE the NME?
Is Inequality the Enemy?

Basic Political Taxonomy
A list of different definitions for 'conservative', 'liberal', 'progressive', and 'radical'.

Remarks for Students at North Farmington High School About the Play 'Carrie'

Thoughts About 'Gay Marriage'

Debating Debate From a White Perspective

Homosexuals and Big Business

Thoughts on the Tim Wise Open Letter to the White Right
Tim Wise is planning my destruction. I say, to heck with him!

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