Web Log, Volume Five
Begun January, 2015

The Dartmouth Outrage: Psychological Warfare in Hanover
Administration punches down on white students.

White Students at the University of Missouri: What you need to know, what you might do
White student activism has become a necessity.

Notes on Trump
A few thoughts stimulated by the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Ta Ta For Now
I'm on a break.

First Selectman Jim Marpe: Are You Daft?
Black lives matter, white lives matter, what is your problem?

Mandatory Pre-school Diversity Exposure?
The tabloid click-bait headline just might be true.

More Baloney From Leonard Pitts Jr.
Leftist whack-job Pitts concludes, from the commentary of Right-wing whack-job Alex Jones, that 'anti-government resistance is now the beating heart of the GOP'.

Black Riot Endgame
A conspiracy theorist offers a few feverish thoughts about the havoc in Baltimore.

White Millennial
Newspapers never consider the possibility that some public policies might be offensive to white people. Why is that?

From Knoxville to North Charleston With Leonard Pitts, Jr.
I compare the commentary by Leonard Pitts, Jr. concerning the killing of Walter Scott with his commentary on the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville.

Republican Pussies
Profiles in Pusillanimity.

Brainy Girls and Equity
Academic feminists have been churning out phony studies about 'pay equity' for decades. A female reporter for the Detroit Free Press still believes these reports are news.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pay Equity?
Most complaints about 'pay equity' or 'income inequality' rest on a simplistic fallacy, which I deftly deconstruct with a bit of computer code.

What do we talk about when we don't talk about race?
I contemplate the meaning of two opinion pieces from opposite pages of the Sunday Detroit Free Press.

Remarks for the Baristas of Starbucks
I'm taking up your offer to discuss race politely and intelligently, even with people who know nothing about my perspectives.

Keyboard Warriors and Magicians
Ideas on how some of us on the Dissident Right might make better use of the Internet.

Selma to Ferguson
Equality is a pretense that grows more expensive every year.

Ark of Intelligence: The One Hundred Year Idea
Visionary reflections on possibilities for White Survival and governance. (Originally written in 2008.)

Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys Run the GOP
I look forward to a turning point in this battle to block Obama's illegal amnesty.

Right Wing Propaganda!
I analyze a recent piece of left-wing propaganda and suggest appropriate right-wing responses.

Boasian Headroom and the Achievement Gap
Yet another take on the nature/nurture thing.

Profile In Contempt
President Barak Obama and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid hold American People in contempt.

Secret Knowledge Club
A few thoughts on the fine art of following the news, possibly in search of Secret Knowledge.

Diversidrivel Eruptus!
If American black people want to feel personally responsible for every crime committed any black American against any other person, then I'm cool with having the same standard applied to American white people. Otherwise...

Retarded Tranny Gyps Crazy Ghetto Fag
You want inclusive language? Count me out!

Bad Logic Makes Me Cry
Rejoinder to yet another inane gay opinion piece.

Michigan Clusterpeck
Is Michigan politics nothing but a big chickenyard soap opera?

From Confirmation Bias to Narrative Collapse
A short polemic about confirmation bias, narrative collapse, misinformation, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

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