Horowitz's Victory: A Bridge Just Right
14 September 2004

FrontPage magazine.com :: Victory! by David Horowitz.

What Horowitz describes is not only a victory, it is the right kind of victory. A heavy-handed law, with penalties, opportunities for law suits, etc., would have set the movement for academic balance on the road to a "four legs good, two legs better" situation. The correct goal is not to seize power from those who have it, but to moderate or neutralize the power of those who are abusing it.

The movement for balance and for a reasonable understanding of academic freedom in Colorado can seek further gains in power by the healthy exercise of argumentation, discussion and organization, as they continue using the tools of exposure and publicity to prevent left-wing classroom activists from reverting to their inappropriate practices. If the early promoters of "political correctness" had been content simply to "establish a climate," to use one of their phrases, where, for example, racially derogatory expressions were considered extremely bad form, then perhaps we might have been spared the decades of speech codes, inquisitions, etc. But they went many bridges too far. I would not like to see us who oppose them make the same mistake.

[NOTE: the allusion in my title and last paragraph is to the book "A Bridge Too Far" by Cornelius Ryan.]

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