Ann Coulter, Wicked Queen of Incivility
8 October 2004

FrontPage :: The Slander of Ann Coulter by Don Feder.

If you really want civility, mass democracy is just not the way to go. The power one can gain by getting millions of idiots to think alike, your way, is often too tempting to resist. Thus, democracy isn't really "rule by the people," which is impossible, it is rule by those most capable of manipulating public opinion. Such capability is a combination of persuasive skill and money. Big topics.

The Left in America does have a habit of being most uncivil when convenient and of piously complaining about "incivility" when peeps on the right start becoming rhetorically effective. Pat Buchanan, for example, spoke of a "culture war" in his speech at the 1992 Republican Convention. Then followed rabid denunciations of Pat, from people like Barbara Streisand, for incivility, hate-mongering, etc., etc.

I've experienced bouts of cognitive dissonance simply from observing the postures and derisions and the counter-postures and the counter-derisions. In the late '80s I was an innocent middle-aged neo-con. I read Commentary. I admired Ronald Reagan. But I worked at the University of Michigan, and the invective directed at the President, at his supporters, at the "Religious Right," etc., was intense and relentless. Then the whole "diversity" and "sensitivity" thing went into full swing. At one "diversity training session," a skit was performed. One member of the cast wore a tee shirt with "ABORTION IS MURDER" printed on it in large letters, presumably to illustrate the inappropriateness of making in-your-face political statements in the workplace. Well, yes, I got the message. I guess. Let's all be civil? Leave the hot buttons at home? Something like that.

Ann Coulter was attending U of M Law School in those days. I can't help but think that the toxic smog of leftie nastiness that permeated political discourse on campus may have contributed to the development of Ms. Coulter into the battle axe polemicist that she is.

I've seen her on Fox News once or twice. I find her entertaining, in a repulsive sort of way. I was going to use "Coultergeist" as the title for this blog entry. Then I found out that's what she calls her own blog! In his article, Don Feder calls her a "blonde buzz-saw." LOL!

I found Coulter annoying because she seemed never to actually answer a question. She would come back with something that was witty, emotional, forceful, etc., but that went off in a different direction. So it's not at all strange that John Gibson would ask her about "incivility." And her answer, as usual, went off to the side. Feder writes:

The blonde buzz-saw also noted that nobody was calling for civility in 1964, when Democrats were telling the nation that Barry Goldwater wanted to drop the big one and precipitate a nuclear holocaust.
Yikes, that was 40 years ago! Was she even born then? How does she remember who was calling for what back then? Sure, the "little girl gets nuked" TV ad was a cheap shot, but Goldwater really had suggested using nuclear weapons in Viet Nam to create a radioactive barrier between the North and the South.

Feder never illustrates the claim made in the title of his article. How was Coulter slandered? She is the wicked queen of incivility. She's proud of it, her fans love her for it! For people who have been chafed for years by arrogant, abrasive liberals, Coulter is the Great Right Hope. She gives it back to the liberals.

With nobs!!

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