Web Log, Volume One
3 February 2005

Stand Up, White Men of the College of Wooster!
A prose poem.

Beauty in the Reactor's Glow
Transformations in American educational policies bring back old memories.

Teaching About Terrorism
College students are capable of dealing with many questions that are not appropriate for elementary school children.

Joseph Massad, Zionism and Academic Freedom in America
Sometimes we can catch people who supposedly support academic freedom participating in campaigns to suppress it.

A Denunciation of Leftwing Thuggery
How can you be nice to people when they act like a bunch of stupid gangsters?

Duke University and the Jews
Short comments and some links concerning what is probably the greatest controversy in human history to have been ignited by an op-ed piece in a college student newspaper.

Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush
The comparison is generally meant as a smear, but there are some common characteristics worth mentioning.

Eighteen Years of Diversity
In 1986, the incoming freshman class at the University of Michigan included 335 black students. After everything the university has done in the name of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism this year's freshman class has 350 black students. Hey, is that progress or what?

Arguing for Argument
Mike Adams, a professor at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, brings to light a rather appalling example of political indoctrination disguised as a lesson in argumentation.

Property, Collectivism and Utopia
Lewrockwell.com is a great web site, but some of the articles they publish are really silly.

Ann Coulter, Wicked Queen of Incivility
A qualified expression of admiration for the sharp right-wing commentator.

Goals, Motivations, Leadership Skills and Admissions
Comments on a Michigan Daily article about University of Michigan admissions policies.

The Blair Subtext
Some comments I wrote last year about a Bob Herbert column about the Jayson Blair scandal.

'Liberal Intolerance,' Egalitarianism and Proportionalism
They pretend to be "egalitarian" when they're taking your money, then they smile all the way to the bank.

The Politics of Political Science
A few ideas spurred by an article about conservative students at the University of Michigan.

Musings on Conservative Student Activism at Colleges and Universities
A more aggressive stance at home and the renunciation of optional wars abroad would do wonders for campus conservatives.

The Psychodynamics of Virtual Homophobia
A recent case from the University of North Carolina illustrates what we might call (non-homophobia)-phobia.

Kerri Dunn: Pale Criminal
Slightly whacked commentary on a whacked-out professor.

Data Analysis and Blood Libel
A few thoughts incited by a crude propaganda piece.

Horowitz's Victory: A Bridge Just Right
Comments on the movement in Colorado for an "academic bill of rights."

Age, Youth, Bush and the Draft
I oppose a military draft in the U.S.A. for practical, not philosophical reasons.

Leadership, Appeasement and the Cuban Missile Crisis
Perhaps "Munich!" is not the correct answer to every question involving international relations.

Students Against Rude Bloviation
Suggestions inspired by a student's excellent exposé of a corrupt professor.

Zionism and America
Now Don Feder is saying you can't be an American patriot if you don't support Israel. I disagree.

A Cult of One
I'm probably over-reacting, but call me an "appeaser" once too often, and I'm going to get really annoyed!

Protesting the Protestors in NYC
A topic about which I have decidedly mixed feelings.

White Nerds and Black Overachievers
A potential affinity thwarted by political correctness?

Using Internet Forums as Organizing Tools
Some thoughts that came to mind when I read an account of an organized attack on white students by black students at a Florida middle school.

The Purple Gang Strikes Back
Comments on an artice by Don Feder about Pat Buchanan.

Michigan State University and the Academic Bill of Rights
Musings about the role of university professors in a democratic society.

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