A Cult of One
3 September 2004

FrontPage magazine.com :: Bush's Moral Courage by Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
(Do read it -- it's a howler!)

A typical cult involves an "infallible" leader and some number, small or large, of followers who have internalized the self-affirming doctrines concocted by the leader. "The Devil is out to get you!" the leader might say. And if a family member or former friend tries reason with the proselyte, that is simply more proof of the Devil's insideous wickedness.

George W. Bush is an exception. In his case, the "leader" is brainwashed by the "followers." The war advocates in his administration have filled his head with self-affirming justifications for military agression. He has become a cult of one, and panegyrics such as that of Lt. Col. Cucullu serve to prop up the distorted world view supporting that aggression.

The fundamental irrationality of President Bush is illustrated by this key point of his adopted ideology: Democracies do not threaten or attack other countries. Therefore, we must attack non-democracies, so that they will not attack us.

A thoroughly indoctrinated cult-member will be oblivious to the self-contradiction of that position. Those who call attention to that contradiction are simply appeasers and cowards. They are hysterical, emotional, irrational howlers. Spewers of mindless propaganda!

A truly courageous leader is not afraid to listen to diverse interpretations of events from his staff. He is not afraid to "listen to public opinion." He is not afraid to intelligently answer his critics. And when a truly courageous leader listens to God, he listens to the small, still voice that counsels humility and that speaks against affecting the certitude that belongs only to the Almighty.

In the case of George W. Bush, any "moral courage" he has simply amplifies his ignorant, obtuse self-assurance.

I am not in a position to judge Lt. Col. Cucullu's military skills or his character in combat. But in the realm of politics, he is an obsequious lackey, trying mightily to mislead the masses who, amusingly, are not as easily mislead as their "morally courageous" leader.

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