Data Analysis and Blood Libel
20 September 2004

FrontPage :: Putting a "Blood Libel" to Rest by Steven Plaut.

I've read many conspiracy theories concerning 9-11. I'm not convinced that they prove anything, but the best of them suggest that elements within the U.S. government and Israeli intelligence may have known about the attacks before they took place and may have, in effect, allowed them to proceed in order to get the U.S.A. involved in a major war in the Middle East for the ultimate benefit of Israel.

I don't have the time to study all of the information about 9-11 that is publicly available and, naturally, I have no access to the vast collections of secret information related to that horrible event. I am in the same position as many concerned citizens: We need to apply our reasoning powers to a limited base of data.

Fortunately, we can sometimes gain worthy insights from a small article by analyzing its omissions, distortions, distractions and serious inconsistencies. We can see these things and possibly formulate hypotheses about who might be standing behind the curtain of bad logic.

Such is the case with the article that is the topic of this blog entry. First, the key omission: The Israeli truckers are suspicious not because they "had foreign drivers licenses," but because they were observed on the roof of their building near Liberty State Park videotaping the burning towers. Liberty State Park is in New Jersey, right across the water from where the towers were. You can also see the Statue of Liberty from the park, and even get a boat ride to the statue.

Not only were the truckers videotaping, at one point they were "high-fiving" each other with great jubilation. They were observed doing that, which is why the authorities were notified and why the individuals were kept in custody and why conspiracy theorists find them so interesting. Steven Plaut's omission of these plain facts is yet another "hmmm... this is interesting" little tidbit.

The omission permits a distortion. None of the 9-11 conspiracy theories I've read conclude, from the mere fact of the truckers' arrests, "that the Mossad or other Jewish cabals were really behind 9/11 and not those 19 Arabs who actually carried out the atrocities."

In any case, the actual conclusion drawn is not that the Mossad (or whatever) was "behind 9/11," but that they knew about it and facilitated it, working from the sidelines. Interested readers can Google Search:

israeli truck liberty park world trade
for more information. No doubt, some links in the search result will be to realms inhabited by whacked-out neo-Nazis wearing tinfoil hats. But Plaut's emphasis on these types and his mention of "blood libel" are distractions from an issue of genuine concern.

The best presentation I know of illustrating the many interesting connections between Israel and 9-11 is on a web page belonging to the Center for Cooperative Research with the title Complete 911 Time line: Israeli spy ring, Israeli foreknowledge. It simply does not exhibit any of the feverish racial notions about Jews that you can find in seriously anti-Semitic literature. There is, for example, no mention at all of "ritual murder," false accusations of which are the basis of the counter-accusation of "blood libel."

The Center for Cooperative Research time line is detailed and includes numerous links to sources. It avoids emotionalism and name-calling. It's general tone is in stark contrast to the infantile ravings of Steven Plaut.

I encourage you, reader, to study the CCR page and the Plaut posting and to draw your own conclusions. Perhaps you will agree with mine: Plaut's distortions and omissions and his emotionalism suggest that he is deliberately trying to obscure a connection between Israeli intelligence and 9-11 that really does exist.

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