A Denunciation of Leftwing Thuggery
2 November 2004

FrontPage magazine.com :: Intifada Against College Republicans by Lee Kaplan.

I presume that Kaplan's account of events at SFSU is essentially correct, and I denounce the GUPS people for their deplorable, un-American conduct. For many decades, confrontational tactics such as Kaplan describes have "worked" for the Left. They've also contributed to the degradation of American political culture and to the corruption of our institutions of higher learning.

In this time of war, America needs the Left for its reportage, commentary and analysis. We need more organized protests. Only the Left has the skills and structures and networks to produce them. But the infantile, thuggish conduct of GUPS members and supporters is 100 percent counter-productive. That sort of thing has always been highly offensive to Americans who value a culture where all are equally entitled to form and express their own opinions.

I hope any pro-Palestinian activists reading this will take my denunciation seriously. It has been said that the American war in Iraq has actually strengthened bin Laden. I must point out that Leftist political aggression on American campuses such as described in the Kaplan article serves no purpose other than to strengthen the detestable "neoconservative" faction of the American Right.

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